Saturday, November 8, 2014

Geekdom Madness 2014 Victor

We are ready to announce the Victor for Geekdom Madness 2014. Unlike the other Victor postings which are right on the front page, I'm going to add a page break because A) There's a lot more information, and B) to drive you all bonkers with suspense.


1. Geekdom Madness results are still being calculated, but the victor will be crowned later this evening.

2. There are a lot of things going on at work; we're nearing the end of a session, and we're preparing to propose radical changes. I can't give details but it's stressful and eating up my time and energy.

3. Because of this, I will only be posting sporadically if at all during the month of November.

4. As part of this I have taken a sabbatical from Jedi News. A new article should be available the first week of December and continuing bi-weekly until such time as I hit burnout again.

5. Halloween pictures, as someone requested, WILL be put up between now and then. I didn't get a whole lot of good ones though, so it's a matter of finding what I have and picking the best.

6. Lists are fun.

7. "Episode VII: The Force Awakens" sounds like pretentious fan-fiction at first listen, but I can't deny I'm very intrigued by the implications the title brings.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Geekdom Madness: Semi-Final Right Victor

This was a close, close, CLOSE race. Closer than I imagined.

However, then deciding vote has been cast. The Victor for the second semi-final and the second competitor going into the final is...


Calvin and Hobbes
"Surely you concede I deserve it!"

It was a 15-vote match that Calvin and Hobbes won 53%/47%. They aced Ariel. They have what it takes.
Here's the breakdown. Check back tomorrow for THE FINAL!!!!

God this has been going since April. It's about bloody time.