Thursday, September 19, 2013

Early Bird + Announcements

First off, there will be no Jedi News article this week. My editor accidentally forgot to put "What Measure is a Tusken?" on the main page, even though it's already in my archives (hence the link). I did have another article completed for this week, but it's being pushed back. In return, I was allowed to leave the version on my blog up.

This will actually allow me to ask my loyal readership for help. The way I'm structuring the articles from now on is that I will do about five articles mainly centering around one film in the Republic era of the Saga, one article more about the Saga as a whole, then the next film in the series, rinse, repeat.

I'm almost through Clones, and will start Sith in a few weeks. Trouble is, I'm having issues figuring out what to write about. I have some things planned, but not enough to fill the blocks. So I want to ask you, my readers, to tell me in the comments anything I-III related that I haven't yet covered that you'd like to see me tackle or get my opinion on. It could be a common criticism, a philosophical debate, or just gushing about one of your favorite aspects.

While I'd like more about Revenge of the Sith and Phantom Menace, since those are next, I would also heartily accept ideas for the next round of Attack of the Clones as well, even though I know what I'm doing for this block.

I thank you all in advance, and with that out of the way...

Angry Birds Star Wars II was released yesterday (a day early)!

So I've played through the Naboo Invasion levels on both sides, and I've got to say that aside from shoehorning Yoda (and Jango Fett for the pork side) into the story for the levels, it's faithful enough for an affectionate parody and is a hell of a lot of fun.

A few weeks back, I ended up finding these guys at a Wal-Mart:
I wish I had gotten a I-III related second bird instead of Jedi Luke, but he was the only one there packaged with Jar Jar, who I NEEDED. Besides, since Eddie at the Phantom Menace Holiday got stuck with Leia, I thought it was oddly fitting.

At first I thought my phone wasn't capable of handling the Telepod system, since it wouldn't transport even though there was an indicator for the base. However, it seems all I had to do was hold it right next to the light and the QR code was read. Now, I can use Jar Jar and Luke in every level once each without needing to use the base again. Oh, and Jar Jar's ability is one of the best in the game. On paper, it's merely a grapple with his tongue, but it's so versatile and so deadly because it won't let go until you tell it to, meaning that you can just have him swing around in a brief whirlwind of destruction. It is glorious.

As to my promise to buy the game, I kept it....sort of. My wife guilted me into getting the free version on my phone, but she bought the full version for her Kindle because she couldn't find the free one, and since we're married and our money is pooled I technically did buy the game like I said I would. From a certain point of view.

I only have one major gripe so far, and that is that Sebulba Pig is currently not playable. Not just unreleased, but not even in the playable character roster yet regarding achievements and buy-able reinforcements. Hopefully emphasis on "yet" because he IS in the game as an enemy on Tatooine, and there IS a Jenga game using him in plastic form.

Not much else to say. If you love Angry Birds, you'll like this. If you love Star Wars, you'll LOVE this. If you love both Angry Birds AND Star Wars, then this is the greatest thing that has ever happened since the last time they did this.

I'm off to throw Gungans at Tuskens.

UPDATE: Seems like the Telepod characters need to be scanned each time you turn the game on, so it's not permanent. Still, at least I feel somewhat less cheated by the cheapness of the figures themselves.


  1. Great article as usual, Nilbog. I must say that I really enjoy reading your articles discussing the often misinterpreted and misunderstood themes of Episodes 1,2 and 3. They really give new insight and analysis of the films and help us understand their complex, yet fascinating stories and morals.
    And while I'm not the biggest fan of Jar Jar, he has grown on me considerably and his development on the Clone Wars series really makes him a better character.

    Honestly, I'd like to hear your opinion on the Clone Wars movie and some of the themes and morals present in both the movie and the various TV shows. They certainly have a lot to offer in motifs and topics and bring up a lot of things that weren't even present in any of the movies. I'd go as far to say that the last episodes of the series were some of the greatest episodes of any cartoon series or any TV series in general. It's good stuff.

    But there is one thing I'd like to hear your opinion on. In Episode 1, Anakin constructs C-3P0 and before he leaves with Qui-Gon and co he gives Threepio a heartfelt farewell, calling him a "great pal" and saying that it was great working on him. Then, several years later in the Clone Wars series, Anakin seems to show great animosity towards Threepio for no apparent reason. He even ignores Threepio in the episode "Senate Spy" when Threepio comes up to greet him (the poor protocol droid has no luck) and he gets annoyed with him in the episode "Evil Plans". Did something happen between the two that we didn't see on screen. I've always found it jarring because Anakin is the one who created Threepio and he should show him a little respect. I've always wondered. So, I'd very much like to hear your opinion on this matter and I look forward to what you have in store in the near future.

    Good day and keep up the good work! MTFBWY

    1. Thank you so much for reading and enjoying!

      Regarding the Clone Wars series, I haven't caught up on the earlier episodes yet and it'll likely be a while before I do. I don't know the moment you're talking about, though I will say that the portrayal of Anakin is one of the few things in the show I don't care much for (mostly because it sounds purposefully un-Hayden). To each their own, though, and I plan on talking about where I feel Clone Wars and the EU fit into how I view the Saga very shortly.

      Also, while I vehemently defend Jake Lloyd's performance, that goodbye to 3PO scene in Phantom was the one spot where I really wish they had done a few reshoots.

      In any case, I can't begin to imagine what the CW team was thinking, unless 3PO reminds him uncomfortably of his mother and his old life? I could kind of see that angle, but not to the extent you describe and certainly not without explaining it.

      As for the movie...I was planning on keeping this a surprise, but I hinted in my May the 4th reviews of the Saga that next year's May the 4th would see reviews of the more famous spin-offs. That includes the Clone Wars movie, the Ewok films, and the infamous Holiday Special! Now I just need to procure copies....


      ...that's one down! If you have a Five Below store around, they had The Clone Wars movie for $5 a few months ago (and more recently, had sealed copies of the hardback "The Art of the Clone Wars" for a measly $4--retail price was $50).

      Regarding your Telepods 2-pack, it must've been kismet! ;)

    3. Haha, must have! And thanks for the link!

  2. Maybe you could do a comparison of Padme to her daughter Leia, what they have and don't have in common.

    One of the biggest criticisms I've noticed by Prequel haters is that they feel Padme's death from a broken heart was lame, something which I DON'T agree with.

    But maybe you could talk about how it's NOT lame.

    You've already talked about Palpatine and the Fetts.

    Maybe you could get into Darth Maul and Count Dooku next?

    Maul seems to be the 'new' Boba Fett with entire fandoms popping up for his character (probably because he looks so cool).

    And from what I've seen Dooku seems to be rather underrated in the Star Wars community except by maybe fans of Christopher Lee.

    In my opinion Dooku was definitely more powerful then Maul, and deserves more respect then he's gotten.

    What do you think?

    1. Thanks for reading!

      I also enjoy Dooku as a character, though I feel as though my article on the dueling saber was a stealth Dooku tribute already.

      I kind of touched on how Anakin and Padmé related to their children in an earlier article, though that focused more on looks.

      Padmé's death is actually one of the articles already on the Sith docket. It's something I've thought about at length.

      An article about Maul as the new Fett...that's not a bad idea...thanks!

  3. You could always tackle the point I brought up about midichlorians a long while back. I haven't seen anyone talk about it yet (mainly because I hadn't seen anyone *make* the point when I initially brought it up).

    Incidentally, what are your opinions on some of the news that's been cropping up re: Disney recently? Stuff like the Kasdan SW films being confirmed as "origin" films, Cumberbatch rumoured for the sequel trilogy, even something non-SW like Bruckheimer leaving Disney, etc.?

    1. I don't remember what you said about them, but knowing you I'm scared to ask. In any case, The Star Wars Heresies has a great article on the Midi-Chlorians that analyzes them better than I ever could. Also, Lard Biscuit and A Certain Point of View touched on the subject. There's really nothing I feel like I could add to that subject beyond what I wrote in "7 Reasons."

      As far as the rumor mill goes, I stay far and the hell away from it. Working for Jedi News, I do pick things up here and there; Cumberbatch is, for now, complete hogwash (though that doesn't mean they won't ask him later), and whether or not Fett and Solo films are confirmed they're sadly inevitable given the fandom. The problem with trying to keep up with rumors is that so few of them end up being true and it can negatively affect one's expectations. I reccommend anyone to give no rumor quarter until Disney and Lucasfilm decide it's important enough to release the merchandise.

    2. It's here, but the important part is at the end (regarding privelege and bloodlines)- everyone on Earth seems to talk about the other stuff:

      And the Kasdan films at this point aren't rumours, though I believe the characters in question are (I had heard it confirmed as Fett and *Yoda*, for example). Neither is the news on Bruckheimer, which I thought you'd be interested in given your liking of his work.

    3. Again, read the referenced articles re: the Midi-Chlorians. The funny thing is that much of the same evidence is being used to support opposite outcomes.

      Spin-offs: Again, purposefully not following any "news" until they're at least ready to release a trailer. I don't want to soil my opinions based on such early stages where anything can happen (and is often said to happen even when it really doesn't).

      Had to look up the bit about Bruckheimer, and all it means is that Disney no longer gets first pick of Jerry's projects. They'll still work together on existing franchises such as Pirates, so it's no big thing.

    4. I guess I'm having a very hard time seeing how miscroscopic organisms that provide connectivity to the force *don't* imply stuff like superior/inferior bloodlines and genetics...I read the articles but they don't really seem to address that.

    5. Well, Force-Sensitive doesn't always mean "better". And the implication is that Midi-Chlorians like Mitochondria allow life to live, so technically we all have them and therefore can all connect with The Force. We just can't all move crap with our minds.

    6. Except that in the frame of the films, it does. The Jedi are portrayed as spiritual ideals that we should all strive for, and the dignified, respected guardians of the peace. They are the paradigm of the civilized life seen through the films.

      And yeah, it says we all have midichlorians, but one's actual connectivity is related to the *amount* of them in one's bloodstream. It's why Anakin, Yoda, Palpatine, etc. are so special- they has an absurd amount of them in their blood.

    7. Except the Jedi are constantly getting things wrong, and the mere existence of Sith proves that having a rare powerful connection to the Force does not make anyone a better person.

    8. The *council* is- they're the ones plagued by bureaucracy and complacency, so they fail in *spite* of being Jedi, not because of it. And the whole point of the Dark Side is that it's corrupting these special, sacred powers for the use of evil. Being a privileged person doesn't mean being necessarily good or evil.

    9. Which is also something tied more to the council and the bureaucracy rather than Force-sensitivity itself. I mean, it's notable that it's never brought up once in the original films and from memory not often in TPM, mostly arriving as a bit of contrivance to halt the love story some.

    10. Also because there's an inherent flaw in the Jedi code that teaches repression of emotion as opposed to redirection.

      However, at least it teaches us to make the most of whatever gifts you have. As one of my other favorite films drills into our heads, "With great power..."

  4. I think you could talk about how the Sith seek immortality due to the fact that they fear death so badly, while the Jedi don't care about death and find immortality. It would be a great tie-in to Episode III, and the Saga in general.

  5. Funny how you've mentioned that next May the 4th you'd do some articles on the spin-offs like the Holiday Special. I'm doing a countdown of the 15 coolest women in the Star Wars films and tv shows and what makes them so important. I just recently added Ackmena and Shmi Skywalker.