Saturday, February 28, 2015

More Interesting Test Poll Results

The Lord of the Rings one wasn't that surprising. Fellowship's 6 votes barely passed King's 5. Two Towers only got 2 and Bakshi only got 1 vote.

More surprising is the Hobbit one. First of all, it got three more total votes than the LotR one! Moreover, Unexpected Journey (my personal favorite) had a runaway 9 votes. The classic Rankin-Bass animation was second with 5. Desolation got 2, and Battle got 1.

Stay Tuned for an overdue announcement....


  1. Even though Bakshi's Sam was arguably portrayed as being kinda wimpy, I love the part where he hops about clapping his hands going "OH-HOO-RAAY!" The goofy delivery of it makes me laugh. As a kid I found the animation to be rather uncanny valley with some of the movements. We're the characters rotoscoped or was some other effect used.

    1. Bakshi LOVED rotoscoping and pushed it to its boundaries in most of his works...with mixed results. Though obviously all forms of animation known at the time were used to varying degrees. It's nonetheless his love for that particular technique that helps make his style so unique (for better or worse).