Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ask the Nilbog!

I thought I'd try out the old chestnut of inviting my readers to ask me questions. Any questions you'd like, about anything (I reserve the right to ignore anything I deem too personal and/or troll-eriffic). Want to know what I thought of X? Want to know what I've been doing with Y? Want to know how Z works and are too afraid to ask someone you actually know? Write them all down in the comments below!

I'll then gather them all up, and post as many answers as I can in a future post.

Sound like fun?


  1. Have you been watching Star Wars Rebels? I know you loved Clone Wars, and Rebels has been doing a really nice job of continuing that while simultaneously doing its own thing.

  2. If you could have a lightsaber what hilt design would you chooseand what blade color would you want? My hilt design would be a curved double bladed lightsaber (think of a Jedi variant of the lightsaber Darth Maul used in the Old Wounds comic) and my blade colors would be green. The lightsaber would also have crossguards toward both ends for extra protection and could fold like Krell's for easier storage. This design could also split in the middle making two separate sabers like Ventress'. I go for versatility.

  3. Last time you threw up?

    Favorite/least favorite ice cream flavor?

    Ever been in a fight?

    Favorite clothing store?

    Any piercings?

    Favorite anime?

    Ever cosplay?

    Ever been embarrassed by your folks?

  4. What are your thoughts on belching contests?

    Ever dyed your hair?

  5. Do you have a job yet?