Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rogue None?

I realize this title may be more clickbaity. This isn't a full on article. Just a brief announcement.

There's a good chance I will be skipping Rogue One during its theatrical run.

I'm not boycotting it. I actually commend them for bringing the Mon Mothma from the RotS deleted scenes back, and hope the rumors about the return of Smitts as Bail are true. And I'll probably catch it and give it a fair shake when it's released to home formats. And remember, I famously would never have even given Clone Wars a second look had my eventual wife not won tickets from a radio contest.

It's just none of the trailers I've seen for it make me the least bit excited. The style it's advertising just doesn't interest me.

If my family decides to go and pay the way, I may go with them. But with limited money, and movies I am excited about such as Fantasic Beasts and Dr. Strange coming out, well...if I had to choose, I'll save my money on Rogue One. So don't expect a timely dissertation from me. If it happens anyway, well, it'll be a nice surprise. Just don't count on it.

And let me know when the official VIII trailer comes out.

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