Saturday, April 7, 2018

Here is a tentative schedule. TENTATIVE. Things are still very much in flux, and delays may still happen. But I am ready to begin to try and get down to having a presence again in the near-ish future.

1. May-ish: Geekdom Madness 2018 begins. Yes, it's way past the March Madness parody date, but it is closer to the blog's anniversary so if it has to be late, there's the perfect time. I will post the bracket about a week before I'm ready to start, as I may make some last-minute alterations.

2. Sometime between May and August: I will finally break my silence as to what the hell has been going on with me in the better part of a year. There's a lot of delicate things that are still unresolved and I have to figure out a way to talk about it honestly without making things worse.

3. Once Geekdom Madness Ends: I will get back in the habit of posting at least once a week. If anyone still reads this, I am open to suggestions of things to check out and write about, just know that I don't have access to funds for current movies right now and I don't know when that may change.

I will try to get myself to sit down and finally watch Rogue One and The Last Jedi to give my two cents on it. I still love George Lucas' Star Wars more than any franchise, more than ever, but I'm burnt out on talking about it with the state of the Disney EU (and I will never not think of Disney as EU - though I don't knock anyone else for enjoying it wholesale and I've made no secret that even I enjoy several parts of it, there's still a lot of people running it that don't quite get Star Wars and take too much of the George out of it to fit neatly enough, so I lump it in with all EU: Keep what you like, discard what you don't, I-VI are the true canon). I want to talk more about other things for a while, though I'll still put some thoughts out once in a while on my precious babies.

In the meantime, I wish all of you the best, and watch this space!


  1. “take too much of the George out of it to fit neatly enough” - point of fact, Last Jedi actually uses some discarded Lucas ideas from TFA, mostly in some design elements and the Luke in exile plot. I think a lot of the distancing from Lucas came more from Abrams than anyone else at Lucasfilm, tbh.

    Anyways, glad to hear you’re (semi, tentatively) going to be back. Missed seeing your posts here.

  2. Hello Nilbog,

    Great to read that you want to continue your blog. I wish you all the best to overcome what has troubled you so much.