Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clone Wars Episode 5.18: The Jedi Who Knew Too Much

"I didn't kill my wife."
"I don't care."

When the suspect of the Jedi Temple bombing is killed in custody, all evidence points to Ahsoka.

Given my weird schedule the past few days, I was considering leaving this for tomorrow, until I started seeing some things hinting at Ahsoka's demise in this episode, so I had to see for myself. Thankfully, she survives for now, but really, LP? Really? You freaking scared me to death!

Anyway, it was really a tense episode. My biggest concern is with Ahsoka not staying put and thereby further incriminating herself. I mean, I know without that we wouldn't have a story, but it just bugs me when characters do stuff like that. Also, and I kept meaning to mention it through the Darth Maul partial arc, but seriously: What is up with Force Chokes in SW adaptations?! In the movies, you motion with your hand and then the person can't breathe. But in this show, as well as all video game adaptations and a couple of books, the Choke lifts people bodily as opposed to just closing their windpipe. This has always bothered me. I mean, it's one of the films' most iconic Dark Side moves, so why feel the need to embellish it?

Aside from those minor quips, the episode was still good. Stephen Stanton does a decent Peter Cushing imitation and Tarkin was appropriately disgusting. The obvious "Fugitive" reference in the climax, while taking me out of the moment a little, was well-done. And is it weird that I just got myself a Barriss Offee action figure only to have her be the focus of an early scene here?

Can't wait to see how she gets out of this scrape.

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