Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Anniversary

I know it's late. It's been a busy February. Still, here's the notable February anniversaries!

10 Years Old This Month
Daredevil - I don't understand why people hate this movie. It's one of my personal favorite superhero movies based on one of my favorite superheroes. It took some artistic license, but the spirit and the story was straight from the comics. Some good performances all-around. Yeah, the CG doesn't age well (aside from the Blindsense, which remains awesome), and it's not necessarily a "great" movie. But it's a pretty good movie.

20 Years Old This Month
Groundhog Day - I wasn't a huge fan when it first came out, but it did grow on me because it is a very well-done existential dramady, and it's Bill Murry at his best.

60 Years Old This Month
Disney's Peter Pan - I have really mixed feelings on this one. I don't like the character of Pan, the main kids are a little dull, and even though they're portrayed mostly positively the "Indians" still make me slightly uncomfortable. On the other hand, Hook and the pirates are handled spectacularly, the Lost Boys are a lot of fun, and I love the Crocodile. It's not the strongest film in the canon, but it has enough good moments that it kind of deserves its classic status.

See you next month!


  1. Peter Pan adaptations are often odd for me because I very seldomly like anything except Hook and the pirates, who seem to always be absolutely delightful. The R&H musical is a good example, as I loathe almost the entire thing, but love the hell out of Hook and the pirate songs.

    Even something like the film Hook's weak points are entirely focused around the Lost Boys, and not Hoffman's performance and the pirate scenes in general. Really, the only Pan adaptations where I've liked almost the entire thing would probably be the live-action film and the stage version of Peter and the Starcatchers.

    And, of course, the original novel.

  2. The Peter Pan rides still has the longest lines in Fantasyland.