Tuesday, March 12, 2013

R.I.P. Clone Wars

Well, it's official. The Clone Wars have been cancelled.

This has stirred up a lot of feelings for me, most of which I will dedicate in a Jedi News article for next week (I already sent in part 2 of the Fave Character article for this week), but those feelings are more broad around the saga.

More to the point of Clone Wars, I am glad that if it had to end, it went out on the note it did. It was a perfectly doen finale, and it's really the timing of it all that gets me twisted up in knots. Had the show ended like this under Lucasfilm's reign with everything else still on track, I'd have been disappointed, but I would have respected the Maker's decision and life would have gone on.

As it is, however, this smells stinkowith.

Stay tuned for next week's dissertation.


  1. Aw, that's a shame it got the axe. It's never good to see a program end like that.

    Though I would say, don't be too eager to blame this on Disney's ownership of Lucasfilm...aside from some marketing pushes towards the new films, there hasn't been *that* much of a difference about the changeover- and let's not forget that Lucas is one of the shrewdest businessmen in the industry. Whatever Disney may do now, most likely he would've thought of the same thing when he had the reigns. I don't think he or his vision are being done any great injustice at this point.

    1. We know there were a lot of CW stories left, at least another season's worth. And simply because Lucas is a shrewd businessman is precisely why he WOULDN'T end his critically acclaimed and wildly popular show like this.

    2. And they're in all likelihood going to release those in some form of another.

      And I'm not the best at analyzing a show's success, but just looking at the ratings they haven't appeared to have been that strong the last couple years...it's entirely probable they axed the show based on that.

    3. I like your optimism, Hartwell. On another note, I do hope that the arcs they end up releasing do tie the knots to important things regarding the overall story of Star Wars, such as the fate of Darth Maul. Hopefully we will even get to see the events that lead up to Episode III, precisely when Grievous captures Palpatine and the Battle over Coruscant starts.