Monday, May 13, 2013

April and May Anniversaries

Since I missed last month, I'm putting it together with this month,

10 Years Old These Months
Anger Management - Normally I wouldn't put this here since it's not really one of my favorite films, but it is very underrated, and Nicholson and Sandler work surprisingly well together.
X2: X-Men United - My favorite of the X-Men franchise due to their perfect handling of my favorite X-Man (Nightcrawler), but kind of hard to watch nowadays due to just how into it I got at the time and how many embarrasing social mistakes I made due to it.
Bruce Almighty - One of my favorite Jim Carrey comedies, also difficult to watch due to embarrasing social issues (2003 was an all-around bad year for me...)
The Matrix Reloaded - I'll go more into what I think of the franchise when the first one's anniversary rolls around. For now...this one was decent.
Finding Nemo - There's nothing I can say about this that hasn't been said already. Everyone loves this movie for reasons, and I love this movie for those same reasons. Let's move on.

20 Years Old These Months
Hot Shots Part Deux - A great parody film with probably my favorite pop culture in-joke of all time ("I loved you in Wall Street!")
Super Mario Brothers - My very first Drive-In experience was a double-feature of this and the Pauly Shore vehicle "Son-in-Law" (more on that in a few months). I remember enjoying this film, though I haven't seen it all the way through since so I can't comment on its true quality. But, for being my first Drive-In, it deserves a mention.

30 Years Old These Months
You know what it is, and it's getting two posts all to itself.

50 Years Old These Months
Dr. No (US release) - I spoke about Dr. No last year, so imagine my surprise when I found it on this year's list as well! Doing some research, Dr. No's anniversary was indeed last year, but this year marks the anniversary of its release in the United States. So go figure.

80 Years Old These Months
King Kong - The original! The classic! The..slightly racially insensitive, but not as bad as it could have been! The most amazing part about this movie is that the special effects were so groundbreaking that even today, in our modern world of effects, these things still look damn good. Not as real as they once did, but for their age pretty damn good.

See you next month!


  1. I've given up on caring if effects look realistic or not- my interest is all about if they look good. Realism is an added bonus, but not really necessary in the long run (though in the end it's all about their intentions).

    1. I agree, though if something succeeds it's worth noting.

  2. Surprised you haven't posted news of the Big G's birthday today. Should I expect a post later in the day?

    1. Holy @$#!!, I didn't even think to keep track of that! Thanks for letting me know, I'll do something after work.

  3. You also forgot...

    Indiana Jones 4 and Iron Man turn 5 this month.

    Iron Man 2 turns 3 this month.

    The Avengers turns 1 this month too.

    Just a friendly reminder.

    1. I'm only doing decade anniversaries. They'll get their dues eventually.

      Except Avengers, since I reviewed it when it came out.