Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hanukkah 2013

So here's how I made out This year:

From my Wife:

1. Skylanders Swap-Force for Wii
2. Angry Birds Star Wars II Jedi vs. Sith Telepods
3. Funko POP! Jar Jar Binks Bobblehead
4.  Skylanders Tower of Time expansion featuring Pop Thorn
5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) Extended Edition
7.  Star Wars Black Series Luminara Unduli
8. Hugo original motion picture soundtrack by Howard Shore

I've barely had a chance to play Swap-Force, since it's even more time-intensive than previous titles and I've been very busy of late. I have been watching some of the appendices on Unexpected Journey, and they are rather interesting. I've also decided, with the release of the Jar Jar here, I want to have a small collection of my favorite fictional characters from Funko POP!. So far, I've found everyone but the Green Goblin available for purchase, but they're not high priority.

From my Father:

1. Dungeons & Dragons Wyrmling Miniatures
2. Hercules soundtrack
3. Who's Next? by The Who
4. Wreck-It Ralph original soundtrack
5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
6. Robot Chicken Star Wars
7. Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II
8. Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III

The Wyrmlings will come very much in handy if I ever get a D&D game together again, since I prefer to play Dragon Monster Classes. Clone Wars will also come very much in handy this coming May. My only regret is that I had the Robot Chicken specials as a single set on my wish list, but they were bought and given to me separately. Then again, I could be starving and homeless instead of being gifted awesome things so I'll just shut up.

Quick Note: My article was handed in at the last minute, and it's not up on Jedi News yet. Once it appears, it'll show up here the next day. That could be Saturday, it could be Next Friday. I don't know yet.

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