Thursday, January 2, 2014


One of my favorite Disney films had an Anniversary this past December. The Sword in the Stone turned 50. Even though it's one of my favorites, and it deserved its own post separate from the rabble, I'm finding it difficult to think of much to say on it.

It was certainly fun, and it had many memorable parts, though if I had to be honest the episodic nature of it felt more like a TV special to me than a feature film. And for all of the film's awesomeness, when it gets to the ending (logical a point as it may be), it kind of fizzles for me.

Ah, no matter. We still get the underwater bit, the Squirrel episode, Archimedes' fantastic laugh, and the incredible wizard duel with Madame Mim ("Did I say no purple dragons? DID I?!")

This will be the last separate December Anniversary, and the generic one will be lumped with the January '14 ones. My router at home is still on the fritz (I'm using someone else's internet right now), so I'm not sure when those will come. But I have my phone which will allow me to check e-mail and comments.

And my new Jedi News article is up on that site, and I've scheduled it to appear here tomorrow.

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  1. I'm a big fan of that film, more so than most of the other 2D animated films from Disney.