Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Nilbog's Big Move

So, the radio silence aside from answering comments (that can all be done via phone), was because my wife and I got a momentous bit of news:

One of the apartments we've been looking at accepted us, and the last two weeks have been a process of moving our stuff in piecemeal, a few things at a time, sort of like this 3D sculpture puzzle we found online that now adorns our living room...

For we both have busy schedules and no vehicles, it's been a very slow process.

A bin or two here, a bag or two there, making sure electric, gas, hot water all work...

Finally, just today, internet breathes into our home. The pieces are coming together to make a shape.

Unfortunately, some pieces are still missing. A leak that we were told would be fixed before we moved in has turned into a giant hole in the dining room ceiling. We've paid host to birds and bats and severe dripping while the maintenance people try and figure out who is qualified to do what and when they can come in to actually do it.

But with some good improvisational skills (plus a modest savings), we've been making it work.

Now with the internet up today, I have the rest of the day to catch up on work, check a few sites I haven't checked in a while, and give Jedi News their next article. Tomorrow, we're going to borrow a truck and get as much of the rest of our stuff out of the old place as possible. Over the next week, you guys will get the long overdue January Anniversaries.

This is a little scary. This is the first time in my life I've ever really been out on my own in any capacity. But the time has come, and I look forward to the future. And to seeing this whenever I walk in the front door:


  1. You've gotten bats in your new house? Cool! OK, not really, but who knows, maybe you can turn your new house into - The Batcave!

    1. Bats are my favorite living animal. And I consider it a high point in my life that I got to hold one (in a dish towel as I was showing it the door).