Monday, August 11, 2014

Nanu Nanu

You were the Bat that got me to start quoting movies.

You were the Genie that showed me I could love, and laugh, with Disney.

You were the dad who posed as the nanny to see his kids, at a time when I was caught in the middle of my own parents.

You were the comic who, when you did stand-up, made me nearly pass out in laughter every time without fail.

You were the best parts of what you did.

I don't do these a lot, because too many good people leave us every day to even keep up. But I had to say something today, because of how much your work has touched and influenced me. Part of me is still hoping that in a few hours it'll turn out to be a hoax. But I know after the chaos of your life, you deserve a peaceful rest.

The Genie has been freed.

Farewell, Mr. Williams.


  1. As a child I loved him in Hook, as an adult I adored him in Fisher King. Two almost equally formative movies in my development and love of film, and I will always treasure his performances in both.


  2. Well said. Because he was such a phenomenal comic, it took longer than it should have for more people to see that he was also a tremendous dramatic actor. I may not like every role he has played, but I always applaud his talent and hard work to bring all of his characters to life.