Friday, August 15, 2014

Some Stuff

Got some stuff to discuss.

1. The Geekdom Madness poll closed early today. I won't have time to do it later today because I'm working more hours. Results will come as always. Please understand.

2. My Jedi News article did not go up on that site. I want to find out what's going on before I post it here. Please understand.

3. I've finally gotten all of my birthday gifts from people, and I will show them off for your eternal envy. But not now, because time. Soon. Please understand.

4. Lots of stuff has been happening with me and WoW lately, and even though nobody else here has ever really shown any interest whatsoever when I've spoken about it in the past, I still want to write about it in a post (or several) in the very near future because it's my blog, so shut up,. Please understand.

5. I am considering possibly turning Adsense on for this blog once I've done more research on it, so I can start making a little extra moneywithout burning myself out at work. If you think this is THE WORST IDEA IN THE LONG SAD HISTORY OF BAD IDEAS and have a legitimate reason for thinking so, let me know so I can have all the information and make you guys happy about coming to this site. Please understand.


  1. Comments not posting through Firefox, using Anonymous; they have in the past.

    1. IE v8. Captcha appeared, too.

    2. Weird, Blogger hates IE normally.

  2. Regarding Adsense, I don't think it is a bad idea as long as it doesn't interfere with your blog itself - visually or contentwise. I hope your research will offer links to blogs that already use it and that you would have some control over what types of ads would show on your blog.