Saturday, September 13, 2014

Geekdom Madness: TRG - ...*Blank Strare*... Victor?

Well, we keep having poll problems, but I've been working on a solution. I've been on Pollsnack's tech support chat, and they're looking into the issue. But they won't be able to do anything until Monday, and this competition has gone on long enough without things further delaying it. The Quarter-Finals are just around the corner, and I know we're all eager to keep on going.

I'm keeping the poll up on the Pollsnack site so that we have something to test when their IT team comes in. In the meantime, the last time the poll was working one candidate had enough of a lead that I can say that the "Projected Victor" is:

Indiana Jones
"That depends on how reasonable we're all willing to be."
Now, again, Jones is only the Projected Victor. I'm not adding him to the Breakdown until the issues with Pollsnack are resolved one way or the other, and if it counted votes from the "wheel of death" days, the vote may shift back. However, the last time the results were loading, Jones was leading by almost two-thirds of the vote and Raggedy Ann was in hot water.

Naturally, since the Pollsnack people aren't getting back to me until Monday, that means I will have to find another way to bring you tomorrow's poll. BUT IT WILL BE HERE TOMORROW! That I can certainly guarantee, so check back!

The official results of this match with the full breakdown will come during the week after I've resolved issues with Pollsnack.

UPDATE: Well well well, Blogger's poll appears to be somewhat fixed, even though nobody updated that particular tech support thread. I'm leaving my test poll up all day, see how it fares for everyone. If it lasts until tomorrow without eating votes again, I'll use it for next week's match. Though I will watch the results VERY VERY CLOSELY!!!!


  1. How do either of the poll methods know if you have voted once or multiple times? Also, I voted with the "Chance" radio button; but the results only show votes have been given for Snowball and Hell.

    1. A) It tracks IP addresses.

      B) The Blogger poll is notorious for needed a refresh to see updated results after voting.