Monday, September 1, 2014

Quadruple-Feature/The RULES

This post is two-fold. The first is to announce that I've seen four movies in the last two weeks and I now have the time to review them, so those'll be coming once a day for the next week.

The second, after the break, is to remind everyone what we're doing here

 I've spoken to many of you, and even come down hard a few times on conduct, so some of you might think that I don't like dissenting opinions.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. I welcome dissenting opinions and differing ideas. The trick is exactly how they're conveyed.

Here, I want all opinions to be respectful, fair, and focused on YOU - It's YOUR opinion, it's not fact. True, I'll often let extreme positive opinions slide because positivity is healthy, but in general and especially with negative opinions it's important to keep perspective and be respectful. I encourage friendly debate, but not pointless knee-jerk arguing (and I admit it's hard even for me sometimes, but that's what we've got to practice here).

That's why I consider myself a Star Wars activist and constantly fight against the mainstream haters. Not because they don't like I-III - honestly, I couldn't care less! But there are three main facets of mainstream/internet geekdom, personified in the way I-III are often handled, that I am wholly and utterly against and fight at every turn:

1. Misinformation:
"Nothing about the plot makes any sense or can make any sense because this is this!"
Well, actually it makes perfect sense if  you actually pay attention, and you can see This is not actually This but That. If you still have questions, the supplemental material explains most of it rather well, and there should be someone in the know who can make it clearer for you if you're still lost. Do some research before you say something absolute.

2. Hypocrisy and Double-Standards:
"I hate the prequels because there's way too much CGI, so I'm going to watch and praise Guardians of the Galaxy instead."
Oh, you mean the film with no less than three all-CGI main characters on top of CG effects equal to if not exceeding the number in any Star Wars film? Yeah, real good perception there.

3. Bullying (WARNING: Strong language incoming):
"Nobody over the age of three can possibly think this is any good. Do you actually think this is any good? Then you're absolutely worthless and you're not really one of us."
Seriously, fuck you right in the ear canal you fucking douche. That's right, you are a douche. You are the product of an oppressive patriarchy invented solely to solve a problem that's not even really an actual problem, and in fact instead of solving anything you actually make things worse. How dare you. Have you learned nothing from how the mainstream has treated counterculture for centuries?!

If I see anything that even appears to be one of these things, yeah I'm going to have a reaction. And I'm not perfect, I've been wrong. I've overreacted. But I'm trying. I'm trying really hard to be a better person and this site is for all of us who want to be better people, give things a chance, and respect other people's opinions even when we don't necessarily agree. So please, all of you dear readers, be extremely careful.

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