Saturday, May 30, 2015

GM15 - QF: Super Showdown/Back in Black Victors

Alright folks. We're doing things a little differently. We're giving you the vote tallies BEFORE we announce the victors.

Both matches had a total of 8 votes. Match 1 was a runaway 6/2 (75%/25%). The other was again, surprise surprise, a dead tie (4/4, 50%/50%, etc).

I pulled out my dice again. At first I decided to do best two out of three, but then decided that wasn't fair - I had never done that with the other ties. Therefore, in the end, I have to go with my original rolls: 17 to 2.

The Victors for the first round of the Quarter Final, and the first of 2015's Elite Four are...

The Powerpuff Girls
"And once again the saved!"

Abby Sciuto
"Never forget: I am one of the few people in this world who can murder you and leave no forensic evidence."

That means that Abby has tied with, and luckily broken a tie against, two VERY widely recognized geek icons in The Penguin and Charizard. One must wonder if this streak will continue.

Here's the breakdown. Check back tomorrow!

Can't believe there are just three more weeks

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