Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Underestimate My Power

2005 was a whirlwind year for me. The end of High School and the beginning of college.

And, after years of waiting, Revenge of the Sith.

2005 was the Year of Star Wars. Burger King had their saga collection toys (of which I still have quite a bit, including the much sought after Vader with Anakin inside). I started collecting the action figures again after the disappointingly posed AotC lines. I got Racer Revenge and the game of the film with the lightsaber fight minigame.

As for the film itself? I saw it three times in the theatres.

The first was with my father and grandfather. We were all blown away, and they both came out of the theatre feeling like they were back in 1977 they said.
The second was with my mother, though I have no specific memory of that.

The third was on my senior trip to the Poconos. I remember vividly spending most of my time unlocking racers in Racer Revenge because I had forgotten my memory card and wanted everyone to have full options - unaware that nobody else cared. Everyone saw movies the next day, and I had to see Sith again. I was the last one out and so psyched I bought a General Grievous figure at the next Wal-Mart we stopped for supplies in.

It wasn't until the year ended that my Dark Period began, when I finally saw the full extent of the hatred and couldn't really argue much against it. But the summer of 2005 was the closest repeat to the summer of 1999 for me.

Oh, and the germ for my current love of Hayden Christensen's performance as a whole may have started with being pleasantly surprised by his character turns during Sith.

Check out the SWPAS for more memories of 2005


  1. I remember wanting to see Episode III because it was PG-13 and being ten I wasn't allowed to see PG-13 movies and I wanted to be "edgy." Plus everyone at school was raving about it. Thankfully, I at least saw the Clone Wars series and got into the movies so I wasn't just some kid wanting to see it because it was popular. I think I still have my C3PO toy from BK, I'm not sure I may have sold it. I remember when my band performed the SW theme for a last day of school ceremony and these two teachers did a skit where one was trying to bring another one over to the dark side ("We have dark chocolate!").

    ROTS pretty much defined my coming of age that Summer, it was everywhere! Even though I would not end up seeing the movie as a whole until just last year, it made a huge impact on my childhood. Mmmmmmm........Hayden Christiansen.............

    1. Hehe...I...um...was 7 when I was allowed to see my first PG-13...It was Jurassic Park....

  2. My parents were strict. Plus I was a sensitive child. When I was nine, the Green Goblin's jump scares in Spiderman scared me (pathetic, right?). The first PG-13 movie I saw was Mrs. Doubtfire and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. My brother used to give me flack for BB saying "Oh it's animated" and I was all "who cares?!?!" Being animated, it didn't scare me as a child. Mrs. Doubtfire is a pretty tame movie in comparison to other movies out there. Oh my poor parents, I used to bug them constantly about letting me watch PG-13 and up movies. Looking back, my desire to see all these movies stems from my early beginnings as a movie buff. :P

    1. Gobby's jump scares (also PG-13) got me too, and I was 15/16. Still love that movie, and Gobby's my favorite super-villain.

      Everyone is different, ready for different things at different times.

  3. They did? Wow! Oh, if only the kids who made fun of me at camp for that knew this..........

    When you were a kid were there any films you wanted to watch that your parents wouldn't let you?

    1. Can't believe I missed this one.

      I never REALLY wanted to watch anything I wasn't allowed to. Closest would be when Alien toys started being sold in the early 90s for some reason. I loved the toys, and my parents explained the basic premise behind their lifecycle and assured me that the movies were too old for me right now, and I trusted that - I was fine hearing about chestbursters at 7, and was also fine not seeing them.

      Of course, as an adult, I finally watched the movies and loved them.

  4. I am aware this post is almost a whole year old, I came across it and wanted to comment - 2005 was a complicated year for me; lots of change and blabla - and I just watched RotS in the cinema once - on the opening night, very exciting. I have very little memory of that first time I saw the movie, though I remember crying a lot and my most vivid memories remain the children slaughter and Padme's death. I was almost six months pregnant at the time, and gotta say, not a movie I'd suggest for a pregnant lady to see for the first time. GETS TOO FREAKING REAL.

    (Also remember wanting to slap Mace all the time, which is certainly something we have in common. TCW episodes with him did little to help matters. In rewatching the Prequel Trilogy last week, I was struck again by how LITTLE I liked this character - and Jedi, in general, which is at least curious).

    1. Yeah, a bit of a rollercoaster during a rollercoaster of a time.

      Where we are in our lives affect how we take in art. For example, I always say I loved 2001's "Moulin Rouge!" much more than I may have otherwise because I first saw it after a bad breakup.