Friday, November 13, 2015

And Now, Some Sad News...

Okay, I've been putting off long enough... know that job I had where I helped young adults with Asperger's Syndrome navigate the unwritten rules of the workplace and become more independent? The one that, when I went through it, got me where I am today?

Yeah, that doesn't exist anymore.

I still can't say what all the details are, since I was not privy to any of the meetings. What I do know is that neither the parent company nor the agency who was co-funding us can afford the program in its current form anymore. Which means the program no longer exists outside of some minor Job Development segment. Which means that my job was the first on the chopping block.

It should be said that this was fought against vehemently, but in the end there was nothing we could do.

So now I'm SOL.

It would be easier for me if I lived in a city where there were more opportunities for my dream career in film. In LA, I'd have no problem even trying to find some personal assistant gig that I could worm my way into productions from. But this isn't LA. This isn't New York. This isn't Vancouver or Cardiff.

This is Rhode Island.

While I'm still here, my skills would be best served in a role very much like the one I had - a mentorial position with people similar to myself - but that will take some positioning, finagling, and careful networking that I've still never quite mastered, so now I'm back to the beginning. My lovely former co-workers have agreed to help me, but they have much on their plate as well, and the goings are as slow as the pickings slim.

So even though I have more "time" on my hands to write here, and for Jedi News, it's still difficult since when I'm not doing what I need to do from my job search, I'm trying to do fun, relaxing things so I don't have a nervous breakdown trying to figure out how I'm going to afford to keep my life together in the meantime. So if the breaks between posts seem almost as long as they were when I was employed, this is why. I am still committed to bringing content as often as I have something to say.

Wish me luck, dear readers!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your job. It'd be nice if you could write for some other websites and get paid. Over the summer when I was on vacation from my current job, I thought about what other types of jobs I could work at besides education. I thought of libraries and bookstores. Maybe you could make a list of other career paths you could use your skills in (like tutoring perhaps?).