Friday, November 13, 2015


Some thoughts on some new trailers from last week...

First off: "World of Warcraft: Legion"

Short Review: Damn you, Blizzard, for making me actually like Varian Wrynn!

Long Review: I still have the feelings I had during the announcement, and the "Summer" release as opposed to a Holiday release bothers me. That being said, the cinematic certainly gets me pumped. Varian has character development! Sylvanas is doing good things again! It was a little jarring that neither of them looked like themselves - Varian's face got squished longways, and Sylvanas is starting to look her age. Still, it was an epic scene and I look forward to playing the game.

Now to the real meat...




While I can already tell this is going to be mixed critically, and that fans will either love it or hate it (and those that hate it will hate it for mindbogglingly stupid reasons), I for one am super excited by the way this looks. It appears to be the story of the original Warcraft RTS game retold with some added characterization from the subsequent games' lore, and perhaps with the chance of a slightly happier ending for all involved - or not, we'll see. I can't wait!


  1. Don't want to come off as a spammer, but Simon Pegg recently insulted George Lucas and more than half the Star Wars fanbase. He's free to say what he wants, but someone willing to spew toxic rhetoric about more than half a franchises fan base shouldn't be officially involved with it like he is now. Sign the petition to have Simon Pegg removed from any Official Star Wars projects.

    1. Already signed it days ago through a link in the comments of SWPAS.

      If David Prowse can get permabanned for less, then this is certainly reasonable.

    2. In fairness, Prowse was banned from Lucasfilm-associated conventions, not anything more than that. Additionally, it was pretty clearly in most respects a pretty crappy thing for Lucasfilm to do, so I don't really see the value of trying to repeat those events over something as frankly trivial as this. It'd be like banning Peter Davison or Janet Fielding from any BBC productions because of how critical they were of their time on Doctor Who.

    3. It's really not trivial though. It's not that he's critical, it's that he's using toxic language and feeding into a toxic subculture. If I were to walk around calling, for example, J.R.R. Tolkien a hack whose attempts at putting words to page the equivalent of having my eyes sexually violated, I would not expect to be welcome to work on ANY Middle-Earth-related project no matter HOW much of a fan of LotR I claimed to be.

      (Just in case that's not obvious, I do NOT feel that way about Tolkien, I was just trying to prove a point).

      Saying "I didn't care for this part" is being critical. Disrespecting and insulting the CREATOR of the work you claim to love just because he made artistic decisions you disagree with is childish and unprofessional, and working on related projects is hypocritical and, on the part of Lucasfilm as a company, a slap in the face to its founder.

      Not to mention the fact that he literally stated he has absolutely no respect for anyone who likes I-III, which is a personal attack on myself and the majority of the non-toxic Star Wars fanbase.

  2. You said "some new trailers" ... you only mentioned WoW ...

    1. No, I mentioned "WoW: Legion" and "Warcraft: The Beginning"