Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gauging Interest

Ever hear of Let's Plays?

You know, those YouTube videos people put out where they film themselves playing video games and reacting in real time?

I've watched plenty over the last few years, and I usually think to myself: "I'd like to get into that."

However, while I have a video camera and a selection of PC games to start with, my laptop does not have the space required for additional games or the software needed to capture game footage and edit videos. And I do not have the money for said software anyway, much less a new PC, nor will I for at least a year or two.

Before I start saving, I wanted to gauge interest from some of my readers here. If I were to branch off into the YouTube business, would I have any sort of built-in interest for that from any of you?

I imagine my niche would be mostly story-driven RPGs. You know, stuff that I could do a lot of voices for and take my viewers on a journey. I'd also do occasional highlights of some of the more short-form and casual games I play, and once in a while rant vlogs as an extension of my writing here. My tentpole ongoing series would be an extensive playthrough of World of Warcraft, with an emphasis on quest lore and just having a bit of fun rather than anything cold and tutorial. I would gladly consider requests from viewers for nearly any PC game as long as it's not exclusively First Person view (first person makes me dizzy, and I'm not interested if I can't turn it off), and I put in the labels other long series I would eventually do.

Now, again, IF this happens, it won't be for a VERY long time mostly due to money. I guess what I'm asking my readers here is if that money is worth saving up? Would any of you watch something like that from me?

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