Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Undertale Dream Cast

So apparently the adaquate term for what I have become is "Undertale Trash".

If you have not yet played the game, do NOT read the rest of this post.

Are they gone yet?

Okay, now a lot of what makes Undertale so revolutionary is how it plays with video game tropes, so adapting it into a different medium would be a prospect so difficult it's hardly worth attempting.

However, as a lover of cinema, I cannot help but think about who I would cast as these wonderful characters if I was given the chance to direct a film version.

Now, the way I operate is that I let people read for parts before I offer them - there's always the chance it doesn't turn out how it sounds in my head. That being said, here are the people I would ask to read first, and vocal qualities I think of when I read these lines.

Toriel - Helen Mirren. Older, motherly, very British.

Sans - Michael Keaton - not a complete ripoff of Betelegeuse, but from the same family.

Papyrus - Gary Oldman. Good at shouting, sounds nothing like Skeletor (never heard it as the "default" like so many others did).

Undyne - Natalie Portman. This was one of the hardest to think of, and I'm not married to the idea, but the Natalie Rap shows she has it in her and nobody would expect it.

Alphys - Mindy Kaling. Similar to above, and I didn't want a generic nerd voice. I listened to a handful of comedic actresses, and Mindy had a quality that I think would fit Alphys (though I'm more open to other suggestions).

Asgore - Keith David. Do I even need to explain this one?

Napstablook - Steven Wright. I know he's supposed to be more depressed, but I always read him as deadpan.

Frisk/Chara - ???. This would depend entirely on the medium. I'd definitely want an unknown, not much older than the characters, and without an obvious gender.

Mettaton - ???. My first choice is actually Tim Curry, but since he has not yet recovered from his unfortunate stroke, I have no idea who else could bring that sensibility.

Now, there's one last very important character, and I was about to go into a huge spiel about how I didn't know anyone who could do both aspects of the role justice, and then I had a flash of inspiration and I could be totally wrong, but I'd love to see this screentested...

Flowey/Asriel - Sam Rockwell. I think he could sound appropriately psychotic as the flower, and appropriately broken as the scared kid/God of Hyperdeath.

What do you guys think? Would you watch a version with this cast?

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