Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A New Chapter's been a while.

I have LOADS to tell.

First, I want to apologize for not posting for a long time. There are several reasons for this.

1. I have found a couple of part-time jobs after months of unemployment. I've been trying to get hours when I can, although that's rarely possible and I'd been doing just as much work looking (and recovering from looking) until very recently.

2. My relationship with Jedi News is on an unofficial indefinite hiatus because I feel there's nothing new I can add to the Star Wars discussion at this time. I am still passionate about Lucas' Saga and still fight for it to be seen for its true quality, but lately I've just been repeating myself.

3. Again, I hate to talk politics because I want this space to be somewhere for everyone who loves media to have a good time, but this time it's important. A horrible person has gained power because everyone who was supposed to stop it refused to do their job (referencing not only the electoral college but the 49% of registered voters who abstained from voting due to false equivalency). Things are happening that parallel things that happened in Germany, Russia, Rome, North Korea, Coruscant, Azeroth, and Wizarding London. Yes, I included fictional events in there because they're about as well-known as the historical ones. Meaning: Everyone should have seen this coming and stopped it. The fact that we haven't yet, and damage is already being done that will be difficult to repair is both depressing and terrifying. Not something I want to focus on in this space (though I encourage everyone to seek outlets to fight back in any LEGAL way possible)

That being said, I WANT to post here more. And starting next month, I will. Not only do we have Geekdom Madness coming up, but I will make an effort to post at least one non-Geekdom Madness post per week. They may not always be long, but they will be.

I want to build my readership and audience back up.

I want to talk about fun things, but also more important things.

And...I want to build back up my sense of responsibility.

You see....I'll be having a big responsibility very very soon.

Soon. As in....roughly 8 months or so.

My life's getting a lot fuller.

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