Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our Only Hope

The Princess is Dead. Long Live the Princess.

From Hollywood Royalty to Galactic Royalty twice-over. Subversive as a Damsel in Distress (as well as real life). Leader of a Rebellion but at times unable to keep her own body from rebelling against her.

Carrie Fisher got through it all with an impish grin and a dignity that didn't always match her actions.

The Star Wars Saga has seen many of its great collaborators pass on over the years, one all too recently in fact. But this? To a Star Wars fan, this is the equivalent of losing a Beatle.

The Force will be with you, Carrie, always.


  1. Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra. What a way to go.

    1. I had to look this up to see what you were on about.

      To those playing the home game, this was what she wanted her obituary to say.

  2. And, suddenly, the voices of millions of nerds, geeks, and filmbuffs cried out - as if a great disturbance was felt in the Force ...