Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rumor Control: Here Are the Facts

The day last week that I had set aside to do my big Star Wars Anniversary post, we got a rather alarming bit of news that we've had to spend the intervening time dealing with that. We are not sharing exactly what this news is yet except with immediate family, select friends, and bosses/co-workers it would directly impact. When we have decided it's okay for the world at large to know, it will go here.

I had hoped to do the post in May when it would be relevant, but expect it in the next week along with some more backlogged articles.

The Geekdom Madness posts will continue as usual - they've been mostly written ahead of time up to this point, though now I REALLY have to wait for the results.

I pick the most inconvenient times to come back to writing.

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