Monday, September 24, 2012

MM: A New Reason To Collect

Today's post will be short. More on the Action Figure front, though sort of rolled in with a general life thing.

I got a Smartphone. I've never wanted a Smartphone, but I had to get one because A) My well-loved Moterolla Razor is starting to crap the bed, and B) I finally got onto a cell plan with my wife, and my choices for new phones were either Smartphones or flip phones that were far worse than my Razor.

So I bit the bullet, and honestly I don't hate it. You'll probably be seeing more pictures up here for one thing (not today, though).

I've found another use for my Star Wars figures in the "Select Contact Icon" feature. 90% of you probably have been aware of this for years, but you can match a picture on your phone to a contact on your phone so that the picture comes up when calling or called.

Naturally, the first thing I did was take tasteful portraits of all the Star Wars figures I had on hand, and match them the best I could.

Now the problem has become this: I don't have certain characters that would fit one of my contacts perfectly, and some of the figures I have taken pics of don't quite fit anyone.

So, during the holiday season, I'm going to have to step up my collecting (dares notwithstanding; I have the feeling I could only do that once).


  1. Maybe one of the best justifications for buying more Star Wars figures that I've ever seen...! :P

    I have a picture of the Christmas-carolling Gremlins who terrorized Mrs. Deagle as my parents' contacts fits.

    1. You just became 10 times more awesome. I LOVE Gremlins. The Gremlin Rag is still one of my all time favorite music compositions.

  2. You and me both! One of my favorite movies that doesn't have "Star Wars" somewhere in the title (not that I don't love G2:The New Batch, too...). Here's my modest Gremlins collection, some of which was mine from when I was a kid (not shown: the ridiculous 3' plush Gizmo my sister found for me in a thrift store a decade ago)--

    As for The Gremlin Rag, completely agree with you on its greatness. A few years ago, I was back in Cleveland (where I grew up) and hanging out with one of my childhood friends. We wanted to do something weird, so I downloaded The Gremlin Rag, burned it onto a CD, and then we drove past the endless strip of lame bars that fill my old neighborhood. I'd slow the car down to a crawl, roll down the windows, and then when enough drunken douchebags were out in front of the bar smoking, I'd BLAST The Gremlin Rag at them, and we'd die laughing. The only question is, were WE the Gremlins...or were they...???

    1. I think the commen nomenclature for that would be "Troll", but Gremlin works much better I think ;-)

      That's a cool collection. I have a couple of the pieces, though not nearly all of them. I actually have the Brain Gremlin figure from the newer line (well, 2003) who I don't see there.

  3. "troll" is right! :P

    Yeah, the Brain Gremlin has thus far eluded me...and then when I realized a year or two ago that I should've picked him up when he came out, he was too expensive. I'm hoping that they re-release him (and it would be nice if they made a new Stripe) soon, although it's disturbing that the price on those new Gremlins figures has risen with each new wave. Have you seen Lightning Gremlin? I know I'll get him eventually, but I already feel stupid in advance for paying 12 bucks for a few pieces of flat blue plastic:

    I really wish they'd make a third Gremlins movie...Zach Galligan could use the work, and I'd never pass up a chance to see the still-radiant Phoebe Cates on-screen again.

    1. I heard a rumor that the only reason Joe Dante hasn't made G3 yet is because he thinks the studios would force him to do CGI Gremlins.