Thursday, September 27, 2012

WW: What Should Have Been

There was so much I wanted to be able to talk about today that I just can't.

Obviously, I wanted to be able to talk about Mists of Pandaria, but I still can't afford the upgrade. And since there's no Pandaren I want that's not a Monk, I have to wait to experience the final version of the Starting Zone (thank god Beta gave me an idea of what I was in for).

I've been noticing that it still seems like kind of a joke in some circles. I really don't get this, since A) Pandaren have not only been a part of Warcraft lore for over a decade (predating "Kung Fu Panda" by several years), but prior to their announcement were one of the single most requested playable races. After their announcement the general consensus seemed to do a complete 180, which baffles me to this day. B) Monks have been one of the single most requested playable classes, and Blizzard shot us down on it more than once. That we've got them now is a testament to our tenacity. C) That opening cinematic is the best cinematic in WoW's history since it not only captures the grandeur of the game, but also its best quality: Its sense of humor. I don't understand why everything has to be all gritty and "realistic" nowadays. I play a fantasy game to get away from real life.

So what could I talk about if not my first impressions of the finished product? Well, for about a week before Mists launched, the new scenario of the Attack on Theramore was available to level 85 players (after launch, the level requirement went back up to 90). I thought that was a perfect idea, until I saw it would not let my Hunter in because of the gearscore requirement: a whopping 353. That may not seem like much to dedicated raiders, but to a general quester and fun-haver like me it towers over my current max of 315.

I suppose today I can see if Pet Battles are available to non-expansioners, but in the meantime I'm going to continue trying out Firelands for the first time (late to the game, I know, but I wouldn't mind that hippogryph). At least until I can convince my wife that we have the $40 to spare (Not getting the CE this time; only thing I want from it is the soundtrack, and I can probably get that separate eventually).

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