Monday, September 17, 2012

MM: Now THIS is Podracing!

Shana Tovah, readers! It's Rosh Hashannah and I'm surprised I have time to put this quick post out.

I have to tell you a little story about Podracing.

Now, a few weeks back I happened to read This Little Post from The Phantom Menace Holiday.

Now, this pack had three figures I needed for my collection (Mars, Dud, and Clegg), and one that I desperately needed to replace due to missing limbs (Gasgano, which was the first Phantom Menace figure I ever bought and the trip was the first time I had walked several blocks by myself). I desperately wanted this box set, but I still wasn't sure I could justify the price even as reduced as it was.

Now, at the end of the post, Eddie writes: "My only regret is that I didn’t stare into the cashier’s eyes while paying for this and declare, 'Now THIS is PODRACING!'"

You may also have noticed that, I had jokingly put "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" into the comments.

You may have noticed again that Eddie replied with "Video Please!"

What you didn't notice was the audible "Oh Crap!" I uttered when reading that. Now, I'm not one for dares, but I'd like to think I'm a man of my word. So now I was stuck.

Timidly, I broached the subject to my wife, whose cameraphone I was going to need for this little operation. I expected her to react quite negatively to the idea, but to my pleasant surprise and undying love she just said "Okay!"

And so it was that yesterday afternoon we walked into the Toys R Us in Warwick:

[NOTE: I HATE the new Windows Movie Maker. Even if I still had an inkling to do more AMVs I wouldn't because of this program. Bleh!]

We thanked the cashier for being such a good sport (poor girl was rightly confused), and I tore open the box as soon as I got home. Because my old Gasgano has such emotional significance for me, I simply took the arms from the new one (keeping him on ice just in case) and put them on the old one. The other figures hold up as well as Eddie's review stated (or not-so-well in poor Teemto's case). I will say that Clegg's goggles are an absolute nightmare to get on. I was surprised I didn't break either piece getting them on over his spines, and I'm not going to try to remove them again.

Now all I need is Aldar Beedo, Mawhonic, Neva Kee, Ark "Bumpy" Roose, Elan Mak, Ebe Endocott...a bunch that were only in the games...craaaaap.

The current members of the Podracing Gang

Your move, Eddie.


  1. hahahahahahaha! That's awesome!! My only move is to loudly APPLAUD your devotion to the beloved sport of Podracing and repost this for the 3-5 loyal readers of TPM:TH! Seriously, excellent work--and Happy New Year!

    1. P.S. Not pictured: A certain Tattooine slave boy, because he grew up and left the gang

      (read: I have the Podracer Anakin figure that came with Anakin's Pod, but he's buried in the main SW bin. I also didn't feel it was right to include Sith!Anakin or Vader, both of whom I did have handy)

  2. Hey! I bought that set too!

  3. You forgot Wan Sandage and Boles Roor. Mawhonic is out,and he appeared significantly in the movie

  4. You forgot Wan Sandage and Boles Roor. Mawhonic is out,and he appeared significantly in the movie

    1. Double Post! But yeah...if you followed my Hanukkah posts, I now have Mawhonic. The joke was that I was trailing off because I was nowhere near the complete set.