Friday, November 29, 2013

Listmas 2013: Eight Crazy Nights - Third Candle

Stop the presses folks!

My list of Top Star Wars Characters? My Order of Preferred Films? The ones I've referenced in dozens of articles? The things I was set on?

Well, I'm changing them!

That's right! I've changed my mind about how certain things are ordered in these lists! Bet you never expected THAT!

First, let's start with the easiest to swallow, OR IS IT?!:

Top 15 Star Wars Characters
15. Dexter Jettster
14. Padmé Amidala/Princess Liea Organa (tie)
13. The Podrace Pilots
12. Admiral Ackbar
11. Watto
10. Obi-Wan Kenobi
9. Chewbacca
8. The Sith (tie between Palpatine/Sidious, Dooku/Tyrannus, and Maul)
7. C-3PO and R2-D2
6. Qui-Gon Jinn
5. General Grievous
4. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
3. Sebulba
2. Yoda
1. Jar Jar Binks

That's right. After years and years of waffling, loving, hating, accepting, and adoring again, it's official. Jar Jar Binks IS my favorite Star Wars Character. Now don't be sad, Yoda fans. The little green master is still an EXTREMELY close second. But the deciding factor came when I realized that, given the choice between a piece of Jar Jar memorabilia and a piece of Yoda memorabilia, I'd choose Jar Jar nearly every time. Poor Anakin is bumped down to Jar Jar's old place at fourth, but that doesn't mean I like him any less either, really. It's just, again, I'd pick JJ, Yoda, and Sebulba first.

You'll also notice I expanded the list to 15, seeing as how 5-11 is unchanged.

Now my personal movie list, if I want to be 100% honest with myself and don't care about one being tied:

5. A New Hope
4. Attack of the Clones
3. The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi (tie)
2. Revenge of the Sith
1. The Phantom Menace

The more of these articles I write, and the more I watch and rewatch to grab screenshots, the more I realize...Sith is my second favorite. It really is. Despite my finding it more technically flawed than the rest of the Saga save Jedi, I have much deeper emotional connection to it, which is its chiefest strength, Speaking of Jedi, the truth is I like it equally to Empire. Whichever one I like better depends entirely on whichever one I'm currently watching, no lie. And I had to ask, was I really keeping Empire so high because I actually liked it second, or was it to throw other fans a bone?

I still stand by my previous list as far as which films are better-made technically. But as for which parts I personally enjoy more than others? Well, that's constantly evolving.

Phantom still rules though.

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