Friday, March 14, 2014

My Wife is Amazing

Look at my wife. My wife is amazing.

Well, you can't actually LOOK at her here, because I'm not posting her pictures here because privacy. If you're that curious, she's on Facebook all the time (and I am NOT, despite what a page that hasn't been looked at much less updated in years might suggest).

First off, business. There's two reasons Anniversary is one of the tags here. The first is because I am officially retiring the Anniversary Reviews for the time being. I may bring them back in the future, but it's just too much of a hassle to keep up with with everything else going on, and when I gave you guys the chance to save them the one comment I got was basically saying to ax them. Ditto for any kind of regular In Memorium segments. I'll still list certain people, but if I were to try and keep track of everyone who made an impact on me it would get even more tedious and time-consuming than the Anniversaries, with the addition of being ungodly depressing (RIP Harold Ramis WHY?!?!)

Soooooo.....the other reason is that my Wife and I celebrate our Anniversaries in March. We met March 11th, 2008, and we were married March 25th 2012, so for those two weeks we have a sort of extended celebration.

About a week ago, I stumbled upon something I've been waiting to exist for 15 years, and my wife said we could get it because she knew how important it was for me:

Official US artwork circa 1999

THAT is a super-posable action figure of my all-time favorite Pokémon since I first discovered the franchise, Mewtwo. Don't believe me on the Super-Posable bit?

Original Ken Sugimori Artwork
Official Ken Sugimori artwork circa 2008 (Also similar to Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen Sprite)
Japanese Red/Green Sprite
International Red/Blue Sprite
Silver Sprite
Yellow, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and Black/White/Black2/White2 Sprite
HeartGold/SoulSilver Sprite
"Wild Pidgey Fainted! Mewtwo gains 2 EXP. Points!"

So here's the thing, it was super expensive, much more than it should've been. Why? Because it's only available in Japan. The box is in Japanese and everything. They also make three other Pokémon figurines, naturally all of which I'd want. Blastoise is about ten bucks more expensive than Mewtwo, Venusaur is about ten bucks cheaper, and Charizard you can't find for under $100 (of COURSE it's Charizard).

So as my wife was ordering it using her account (because free shipping), she realized that she hadn't gotten me anything for our Anniversary and set to work. For the next week, she asked me not to be mad at her as she spent well over our gift budget and in fact a lot of her school money.

So, see, naturally I was thinking that she splurged on getting me the entire set of Pokémon figures. So that's what I was expecting when the packages came in and we exchanged gifts last night.

I didn't get the Pokémon figures.


Pictured: A goddamn Playstation 4
Now, I was going to hold off on getting this particular piece of equipment until it was much cheaper and less buggy, but with Kingdom Hearts III being exclusive to this I knew I needed one eventually.

My wife was originally going to get KHIII for me as well, but since the game isn't even out yet (the placeholder for the pre-order page is on Amazon), it would ruin her plan. See, what she did was give me the game first (it was Lego Marvel), then act as if she thought it was a PSP game and hated herself for being so stupid (her words - and unsettlingly good acting skills). Then she'd tell me to open the big box and film my reaction on her camera (which I requested be never shown online due to my embarrassment).

So I think what we can take away from this little anecdote is that my wife is amazing and far too good for the likes of me. I mean, all I got her was a measly Alex and Ani bracelet she's been wanting for ages. It's like pennies compared to this, even with my plan to take her to the store in about a week and have her pick out three or four more.

P.S. (hah): When I told her that I originally thought she was getting me the Pokémon set she acted very suspiciously...

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