Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Future

Okay, so just in case the Frozen post distracted, this is everybody's absolutely last chance to save the Anniversary Reviews. Truth be told I'm sick of them and want to give up on them, so if nobody cares I'm going to discontinue them. If you do care, PLEASE let me know and I will acquiesce to my readers - you guys do matter, you know. All of you.

In the meantime, I want to draw attention to the following website:, formerly known as, was one of my favorite websites in High School, and I frequented it nearly every day. It was a rating of various film villains, and it was pretty entertaining.

Of course, it used to look a lot flashier. As you can see, the site has fallen into major disrepair, having not updated in nigh of a decade. Furthermore, some of the entries need to be cleaned up a bit for grammar, updated information, and in some cases even rescoring (sexual assault should always be a 10 in Vileness, no matter what).

It's obvious that the previous webmaster, one "Destro", has abandoned the site. I would see it returned to its former glory.

There's no more working contact link, and "Destro" has obviously moved on from that life anyway. Still, if anyone knows anything about this (or if "Destro" is somehow reading this), I would like the permission and opportunity to update and add to what was once a treasure of my adolescence.


  1. Life is too short to do stuff you don't like my friend. So if you are sick and tired of them, then by all means dispose of them-Anyway will you review the Lost Missions Episodes of the Clone Wars? Their fan-freakin tastic

    1. I just might. My Sister-in-Law gave us her Netflix password...