Saturday, April 30, 2016

GM16: Miscellaneous Victors

One Final Save.

The Victors for the eighth and final round of the preliminaries are...

Katniss Everdeen
"Thank you for your consideration."


Rose Tyler
"So history’s happening and we’re stuck here."

Match 1 was a flawless victory, with the Girl on Fire nabbing 100% of the matches 8 votes. Match 2 was in Rose's favor until a literal last-minute vote tied it up. I declared Rose the Victor because of her weeklong lead, but Austin Powers will be saved from total elimination due to the tie.

However, we must still hang our heads as Geekdom Madness bids a final farewell to Count Dracula ("There are far worse things awaiting a man than death."). With the preliminaries over, the contest continues as normal, and those who've made it this far are exempt from Total Elimination.

Here's the breakdown. The Real Game begins tomorrow!

Our Match 1 Victor inspired the use of the word "Victor" in this contest.

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