Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Loot Chest Unboxing

So yesterday afternoon, Heroes of the Storm 2.0 launched. It completely revamped the progression system, adding "loot chests" of four items each - items that could previously only be gotten through real money purchases, as well as brand new cosmetic flavorings.

Those who played before the change logged in with special chests based on their total hero levels prior to the change. When the number were crunched, I ended up with 5 common chests, 55 Epics, and 6 special Veteran chests (basically a common chest with a fifth guaranteed Legendary item). Duplicates award "shards" which allow you to craft the item you want if you didn't get it.

My original plan was to open them next Monday at my gaming group in front of my friends, but they were all excited to play yesterday so I logged each item I got. I am posting them here, mainly for my friends who didn't get to see it in person. But if you're a HotS player, you may appreciate it too...

I did not reroll anything because I just wanted to see what I would get naturally.

Xul voice - "I've Got Your Ear"
Zul'Jin Emoji 2
Dehaka voice - "One Dies, One Grows"
20 Shards

3 Day Stimpack
Icon of the Forge (Dwarf Insignia) Spray
KT voice - "Merely a Setback"
Hearthstone Gul'Dan Portrait

20 Shards
Rexxar voice - "Call of the Wild"
Brightwing voice - "Until you die"
Violet Dwarf Banner

Tushui Panraden Portrait
Warcraft III Tyrande Portrait
Genji Emoji Pack 2
Beryl Death God (Master) Arthas skin

Diablo III Tyrael Portrait
20 Shards
Timelost Corrupter Cho'Gall skin
Zeratul voice - "Zerashk Gulida!"

Rehgar voice - "Ancestors watch over you!"
Azure Lo'Gosh Varian skin
Lucio voice - "In the House!"
Scarlet Harlequin Nazeebo skin

Special Ordnance Raynor skin
Dreamie Genie Chromie skin
Alarak voice - "Glorious."
Li-Ming voice - "Just want to have fun"

Autumn Storm Mantle Malfurion skin
Spring Sakura Auriel skin
Medivh voice - "Let the games begin"
Genji voice - "Measure twice, cut once"

Bear (Zarya wrestling a) spray
Tangerine Mad Martian Gazlowe skin
Zarya voice - "For the Motherland"
Knight Owl Medivh Portrait

Johanna hero (100 shards for duplicate)
Zul'Jin voice - "Nobody Badda"
Auriel voice - "Sublime"
Cho voice - "No piece of you"

Ymirjar Lord (Master) Muradin skin
Huojin Pandaren Portrait
Pallid Ironclaw Rehgar skin
E.T.C. voice - "Parking lot"

Sonya Emoji Pack 2
Zagara voice - "Just as I envisioned"
Indigo Cyberdemon Zarya skin
Xul voice - "Beware"

Dragonflayer Lord Muradin skin
Roller Derby Nova skin
Chen voice - "A New Challenger"
Malfurion voice - "For Kalimdor!"

Genji voice - "Don't mess with me"
Alarak voice - "Glorious." (5 shards for duplicate)
Nova voice - "Reap the Whirlwind"
Vengeful Shogun Artanis skin

Gazlowe hero (20 shards for duplicate)
Gul'Dan Emoji Pack 1
High King Magni Muradin skin
Orange Rainbow Unicorn Mount

Witch Doctor spray
Vengeful Shadowblade Li Li skin
Alarak voice - "No Challenge?"
Li-Ming voice - "That was entertaining"

Thunder Guard Zarya skin
Citrine Cyber Wolf Mount
Ragnaros voice - "NOW FOR YOU!"
Human Portrait

Brightwing Emoji Pack 2
Diablo voice - "How tastes your fear?"
Star Princess Li-Ming Skin
Archangel (Master) Auriel skin

Copper Cloud Serpent Mount
Malfurion Emoji Pack 2
Gold StormPunk Kael'Thas skin
Tychus Emoji Pack 2

Gall Emoji Pack 2
Raynor voice - "Askin' the impossible"
Brightwing  hero (100 shards for duplicate)
Muradin voice - "For Khaz Modan!"

Greymane voice - "Next?"
Primary Sequel (Master) Lost Vikings skin
Raynor Emoji Pack 1
Star Chariot Mount

Tal'darim Protoss Banner
Ink Kerrigan Portrait
Spectre Thunder Guard Zarya skin
Arthas voice - "Know my cruelty"

Xul Emoji Pack 1
Golden Nexus Charger Mount
Sulfurion Uther skin
E.T.C. voice - "Parking Lot" (5 shards for duplicate)

Bronze Tiger Kharazim skin
Greymane Emoji Pack 1
Probius Emoji Pack 2
Arthas hero (100 shards for duplicate)

Illidan Emoji Pack 2
Crimson Wrath Sonya skin
Sylvanas voice - "The Dark Lady Watches
Vengeful Oni Genji skin

20 shards
Xul Emoji Pack 2
20 shards
Primal Tiger Kharazim skin

Big Top Ringmaster's Pride Mount
Timelost Corrupter Cho'Gall skin (20 shards for duplicate)
Falstad voice - "It's Boom Time!"
Lost Vikings voice - "Meatloaf"

Marshal Raynor skin
Orc Hand Symbol Emoji Pack 3
Rexxar voice - "Hunt you down"
Probius Prime (Master) skin

Sapphire Cyberhawk Kael'Thas skin
Sulfurion (Master) Ragnaros skin
Kerrigan Emoji Pack 1
Char Zerg Banner

Emoji Tracer spray
Illidan voice - "Frustration"
Shadow Shogun Artanis skin
Cute Cho'Gall spray

Rexxar voice - "A fitting end"
Heavenly Grunty Murky skin
Kaldir Abathur skin
Dehaka voice - "*Growl*"

Lost Vikings voice - "Close enough"
Tattoo Tyrande spray
Silver Mad Martian Gazlowe spray
Cho Emoji Pack 2

Hell Iron (Master) Diablo skin
Love Bug Anub'arak skin (100 shards for duplicate)
Cartoon Brightwing spray
Lt. Morales Emoji Pack 2

StormPunk Kael'Thas (20 shards for duplicate)
Gauntlet Hand Symbol Emoji Pack 1
Varian Emoji Pack 2
Thunder Guard Zarya skin (100 shards for duplicate)

Scarlet Striker Li-Ming skin
Pirate Queen Cassia skin
Fel Butcher's Beast Mount
Dominion Terran Warbanner Banner

Icon of Courage (WoW Human symbol) spray
Verdent Magic Carpet mount
Samuro voice - "My blade is sated"
WoW Kael'Thas Portrait

Ragnaros voice - "FEELING...HOT!"
Cute Zagara spray
Amber Spectre Tracer skin
Sentinal Lunara skin

Emerald Thunder Guard Zarya skin
Icon of Torment (Forsaken symbol) spray
Icon of Technology (Gnome symbol) spray
Icon of Wisdom (Nelf symbol) spray

Muradin Announcer
Magenta Monarch Brightwing skin
Valeera voice - "Not Happening"
Genji voice - "You seem nice"

Prototype Love Doctor Morales skin
E.T.C. voice - "Bang your head!"
Food Emoji Pack 2
Varian voice - "No Potions!"

Murky Emoji Pack 1
Muradin hero (100 shards for duplicate)
Felsaber Mount
Icon of Destruction (Goblin symbol) spray

Medivh voice - "Excelsior!"
Flame Sulfurion (Master) Ragnaros skin
Nazeebo hero (100 shards for duplicate)
Sgt. Hammer voice - "Need something blown up?"

Pink Fey Dragon (Master) Brightwing skin (20 shards for duplicate)
Insectoid Zagara skin
Raiders Terran Banner
Marshal Raynor skin (100 shards for duplicate)

Cartoon Tychus spray
Johanna voice - "Fury of Akarat"
Pew! Pew! Pew! spray
Hellboar mount

Gall Emoji Pack 1
Checked Pure Country E.T.C. skin
Stitches voice - "Rend and Tear"
Sylvanas voice - "Slaves to this torment"

Dark Angelic Valla skin
E.T.C. hero (20 shards for duplicate)
Cartoon Artanis spray
Cassia voice - "Purge the land"

3-Day Stimpack
Tattoo Leoric spray
Widowmaker Nova skin
Crimson Warchief Sylvanas skin

Falstad voice - "Vengeance from the skies"
E.T.C. voice - "Not happening, bro"
Nazeebo Emoji Pack 2
Dominion Marshal Raynor skin

Blazing Lil' Ragnaros skin
Cartoon Sylvanas spray
Fel Butcher's Beast Mount (100 shards for duplicate)
Murky voice - "Grglrglrgl"

Nova voice - "And that is that"
Hellblade Samuro skin
Auriel voice - "Sublime" (5 shards for duplicate)
Hunter (Master) Greymane skin

Turquoise Magic Carpet mount
Alarak voice - "Glorious" (5 shards for duplicate)
Tassadar voice - "In unity, there is strength"
Gul'Dan Emoji Pack 1 (5 shards for duplicate)

Fel Sgt. Doomhammer skin
Twilight Herald of N'Zoth Alarak skin (100 shards for duplicate)
Valla voice - "Well done!"
Camo Prisoner Tychus skin

50 shards
E.T.C. Emoji Pack 2
Tyrael voice - "Justice be done"
Kandy King Muradin skin

Love Bug anub'arak skin (100 shards for duplicate)
Azmodan Emoji Pack 1
Medivh Emoji Pack 2
Rexxar voice - "A fitting end" (5 shards for duplicate)

In Memorium Emoji Pack
Hearthstone Thrall Portrait
Satyr Betrayer Malfurion skin
Saffron Jaina skin

Rexxar voice - "Hunt you down" (5 shards for duplicate)
Murky voice - "Heh keh-keh-keh kah!"
Rosy Deputy Valla skin
Samuro Emoji Pack 2

Tyrael voice - "Ensured doom"
Greymane voice - "I shall bury you"
Thrall hero (100 shards for duplicate)
Frozen Overqueen (Master) Zagara skin

Ragaros voice - "NOW FOR YOU!" (5 shards for duplicate)
Zarya voice - "Do you even lift?"
Greymane hero (100 shards for duplicate)
Tangerine Mad Martian Gazlowe skin (100 shards for duplicate)

Star Chariot Mount (100 shards for duplicate)
Food Emoji Pack 2 (5 shards for duplicate)
Gazlowe voice - "Who's the man?!"
Johanna Emoji Pack 2

Sonya voice - "Bul-Kathos smiles"
Ink E.T.C. Portrait
Zerg Hunter Zeratul skin
Explorer Li Li skin

Valla voice - "Vengeance is mine"
Neutron Space Lord's Starbreaker Mount
Undead Portrait
Azmodan voice - "I defy you"
Hearthstone Jaina Portrait

Horde Banner
Dominion Cyber Ram Mount
Amber Wizard Banner
Covert Raider Rexxar skin
Valla Emoji Pack 2

Rexxar voice - "Call of the Wild" (5 shards for duplicate)
Diablo Emoji Pack 1
Jaina voice - "I hate violence, but..."
Icon of Wisdom spray (5 shards for duplicate)
Night Spectre Illidan skin

Archangel (Master) Auriel skin (20 shards for duplicate)
Dreambreaker Thrall skin
Zul'Jin voice - "You want axe?"
Shock Custom Rig (Master) Tychus skin
Gul'Dan voice - "The only way"

Flame Dragon Kharazim skin
Chromie voice - "Good to see you"
Gall voice - "Your eyes are open"
Ghost Speeder Mount
20 shards

Teal Saddled Battle Beast Mount
Butcher Emoji Pack 2
Icon of Destruction spray (5 shards for duplicate)
Stitches Announcer
Amber Lil' Ragnaros skin


P.S. I have to say I am impressed on the deflection on the part of Blizzard regarding the new hero reveal. People had been saying for months that D.VA was coming soon, but when Blizz put the teaser out with the claw marks and growl, people instantly started debating who it could be - Deathwing? Broll Bearmantle? Obviously Hanzo? Nope, the claw marks and frowl were Diablo and the new hero reveal is D.VA coming to the rescue. Well played, Blizz. Well played.

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