Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Logic is Erratic

This is the last "make-up" (read: non-May) Anniversary Review this month. Next week I'll be scrambling to talk about what actually came out in May before its over.

For now, FernGully: The Last Rainforest is 20.

Now, this film does have a lot of problems. It's Anvilicious, confuses its message, supposedly takes place in Australia yet is completely devoid of Australian accents. The list does go on and on.

But as a kid? I fell in love with this movie. And I still have a soft spot for it. There are really only two awesome things about this movie that hooked me as a kid and still hooks me to this day.

These two things are Robin Williams and Tim Curry.

Tim Curry is just amazing as Hexxus. Probably the closest he's come to reprising Frank N. Furter, Hexxus appropriately oozes across the scene and delivers us probably the most memorable song in the movie. And his One-Winged Angel moment at the end of the film is legitimately creepy. I couldn't watch it for the longest time.

But this is where I first truly fell in love with Robin Williams. Aladdin would cement it (more on that later in the year), but I was obsessed with Batty. First of all, bats have been my favorite living animal for a long time. Secondly, Robin's in top form here. Some don't seem to like his brand of rapid-fire stream-of-consciousness humor, but I eat it up like popcorn and it was a huge influence on me. I remember being in Kindergarten and wooing my crush with finely rehearsed Batty monologues (she "left" me for someone who didn't do them nearly as well before moving away at the end of the year). To this day, "Gravity Works", "Only Fools are Positive (Are you sure? I'm Positive...I FELL FOR IT!)" and " I not believe you?" are regular parts of my vocabulary.

Everything else about this film would be forgettable if it wasn't for the fact that I watched it a billion times. Well, the Ton-Loc lizard is unforgettable and funny, but not in the way they wanted it to be. Regardless, Robin and Tim save this movie and make me love it.

Slime beneath me, slime up above. Ooh you'll love my....Toxic Love.

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