Monday, June 18, 2012

MM Pt. 1: The Pokémon Journey Continues

So, I regretted my Trainer's Journal the second I posted it.

I got the idea because of the timing of my catching and raising of my Cubone, that it ended up fighting the Pokémon Tower Ghost Marowak and evolved shortly afterwards.

But trying to take Anakin out of Star Wars was difficult, and then the prospect of getting into Henry Jekyll's analytical mind with almost the same events, well I got bored of it pretty damn quick.

I really don't like going back on my word. It's the same with the Anniversary reviews. I simply won't have the time to review all the things I wanted to, mostly because half the films on the list I've only seen once and not for a long time. For example, I planned on reviewing Wrath of Khan and Lilo & Stitch this month, but the truth is that I remember fairly little about them and I couldn't get my hands on a copy. I still plan on doing Batman Returns before the week is out.

But I digress...

I've gotten both Pokémon teams to 30 so far and, whether through my experience or my superior team-building, it's been alarmingly easy, even with the broken-ness of Gen 1. My only real complaint is the menu navigation. Perhaps current gens have spoiled me.

The teams at the moment are as follows:

Anakin (Red) Team:
Axel (Charmeleon)
Palpatine (Raichu)
Severus (Arbok)
Haeckel (Mew)
Triton (Vaporeon)
Grievous (Marowak)

Jekyll (Blue) Team:
Leonardo (Wartortle)
Sonic (Sandslash)
Toonces (Persian)
Mozilla (Vulpix)
Yoda (Kadabra)
Beaky (Fearow)

Anakin's team is complete. While Charmeleon still needs to evolve into Charizard, I will not be changing that lineup. However, as far as Jekyll is concerned, I will eventually replace Fearow with Aerodactyl and Kadabra/Alakazam with Mewtwo.

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