Thursday, June 21, 2012

Site Updates: New Links and Anniversary Reviews

Oh look, an update.

First off, I added a few new links. Namely, my DeviantArt (which only very rarely gets new material) and my YouTube channel (which NEVER gets new material but is interesting for historical purposes). I also posted links to my WoW guilds. They're both level 1 and consisting of 99% my own alts, but if anyone wanted to hang out in Azeroth, that's where to find me. Finally, I added a few wikis and fun sites I like to peruse from time to time and I hope you do too.

Now for the Anniversary Reviews. I've hinted that they were going to be pared down, well they are. You can see the updated version of the original post here. Basically the idea is that at the beginning of the year, I'll list all the anniversaries that I feel I want to mark, but only the ones in bold will get an actual review down the line. The rest will get a summary near the beginning of the month as to WHY they aren't getting their own post. Speaking of which:

Lilo & Stitch: Not getting its own post because I saw it once like six or seven years ago, thought it was basically "all right", wanted to see it again to re-evaluate but haven't been able to get my hands on a free copy (and I refuse to pay money until I know for sure I like it).

Wrath of Kahn: Same deal as L&S, though I have seen it more than once. It is a classic, and rightly so, but without it fresh in my mind I have nothing to say about it aside from Ricardo Montalban and his big plastic chest.

E.T.: I didn't even have this on my original list because I have nothing to say about this movie, but it is a "classic" so I put it on the milestone list. I never really liked either version of it, and Speilberg recently folding like a napkin to hateboys regarding the 2002 Special Edition is covered so much better at so many other places, especially "A Certain Point of View" (see my links)

Blade Runner: Now, I do like this movie and it is a classic, but...I really have nothing else to say about it. It's fun, I like it, I'm not gushing about it.

The Batman Returns post WILL be up tomorrow because I have A LOT to say about that film.

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