Friday, June 15, 2012

Pokémon Trainer's Journal: Anakin Skywalker

I do hope you'll indulge me in a small bit of Fanfiction. Normally I'd save something like this for a Monday Mons-day update (and I will go over some of this on Monday), but with my Red Team approaching 30, I decided I wanted to do a journalistic recap of my player characters, and in the voice of their namesakes. I'll do the same with Blue when I reach 30, but for now, here's Red as Anakin Skywalker:

The Journal of Anakin Skywalker, Pokémon Trainer:

I have been dreaming of this day my entire life, and yet I cannot find the words to say why I hesitate on my doorstep. I don't want to leave her, my mother, the only security in my life. But if I am to be a trainer, no, the BEST of trainers, then I must leave home. The happy-go-lucky boy of Nine seems so long ago, even though it's been but a year. One must grow up fast when one has been qualified for professional Pokémon training at the youngest age in Kanto's history (well, one of two, though I still think Vader Oak cheated).

Leaving my mother, I felt alone. It feels...cold. Perhaps this is why, when offered my first Pokémon, I chose the fire-type Charmander. I got one of those..."feelings" from him. The feelings I sometimes get, where I know what someone is thinking or feeling, or when I know what will happen moments before it does. Like me, the Charmander is considered to have great potential, but is often passed over and alone. He and I share something in the core of "Force" the correct word?

Naturally, Vader chose the exact type that the Charmander is weak against. The fact that we beat him shows how my method of choosing sealed our bond better than Vader, who thinks only of power.

The Viridian City gym was closed when I arrived, so I was able to make it all the way to Pewter before nightfall, even with delivering the Professor's package and gaining the Pokédex. Along the way, me to find a rare Pikachu. He is very kind and supportive for a Pokémon, though my Charmander is weary of him for reasons I cannot sense.

I wonder if it is the Pewter Gym. There's been a dark cloud over my thoughts since I have arrived, and an electric mouse and a fire lizard are hardly the best choices to face rock and stone.

Pewter Gym was a difficult challenge, and I still doubt I'd have won the Boulderbadge were it not for my instincts, my way of tapping into...well, "Force" seems like a good word more and more.

It has still been clouded in a disconcerting way, so I no longer think it is the Gym. My Pokémon, especially my Pikachu, are urging me to go on. Through the Mt. Moon pass.

Perhaps this cloud of darkness I sense is the presence of a group calling themselves Team Rocket. Criminals who steal and mistreat Pokémon. I like to think I have always been honest with my feelings, and yet the mere thought of these monsters fills me with a rage I have never known. I wish not only to stop them, but to hurt them. This feeling frightens me.

I made it to Cerulean City, but it is too late to challenge the gym. I must train with my Pokémon a while first anyway. I caught an Ekans that was trying to attack Pikachu, though I allowed it on my team because it seemed to have a decent heart - for a snake.

Vader's lust for power must be working for him. He appeared in Cerulean this morning and challenged me. While my Pokémon and I defeated him, it was significantly harder this time.

I have discovered that this gift that I have relates to an energy that all living things have. I admit it was by accident that I discovered this. It was all to do with a Psychic-type Pokémon.

It let me catch it because it knew what I could do.

The Pokédex couldn't identify it at first, but it's power of the mind connected with my power of the "Force". That's the word that it used (or, more accurately, projected into my mind), so I will no longer hesitate to use it myself. It identified itself as a "Mew", and I must defend my pronoun usage on the fact that it is both genders, and yet genderless. This is a very ancient Pokémon, perhaps one of the first, and long forgotten.

It has also taken a shine to the rest of my small team and is on friendly terms with them. Well, most of them. Yes, once again, no matter what he does, my kindly Pikachu cannot seem to shake distrust from the rest of the team. This is frustrating to me, since he would not be on my team in the first place if I had sensed anything wrong with him. I asked the Mew about this, and it simply sighed sadly and refused to talk about it.

With the Pikachu's help, I won the Cascadebadge handily. And I received a cruise ticket from Bill, the man who runs the Pokémon storage system (he swore me to secrecy as to how I earned it).

It is time to travel to Vermillion.

Yesterday was fairly uneventful, hence no entry. My team is evolving all the time, but the gyms are laughable. I must stop myself from giving into the giddy feeling that power can give. I am better than Vader.

I am also better than Team Rocket. I broke their gambling ring and I stopped their harassment of the kindly Mr. Fuji. Perhaps I could become a peacekeeper once my gym campaign is over.

I have two new team members, finally rounding out my ranks. Mew helped me find an abandoned Eevee and Cubone. The Eevee keeps to himself, but the Cubone was quite eager to join my campaign. Those evil Rockets murdered his mother in a poaching gone awry (I HATE them). My heart shattered into a million pieces when, on my way to rescue Mr. Fuji from the grave tower, Cubone had to fight the restless spirit of his own mother. I felt as if I would die, feeling what he was feeling. But, to my surprise and undying admiration, he not only soldiered on but became a Marowak in her place.

I miss my mother.

I heard that the Rockets were hiding at the Silph office building in Saffron City. will destroy them tomorrow.

The Pikachu has taken to cuddling with me while we sleep, which raises the ire of the rest of the team. I would gladly hold my (now) Charmeleon were his tail not on fire. I don't think I'd like being burnt alive.

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