Monday, July 16, 2012

MM & WW: World of Warcraft Pet Battles!

So, the new Pet Battle system is up and running on the Beta servers for testing and....'s buggy as hell. But when it works, it's fun.

It does act like a toned-down version of a Pokémon battle, but that works for a minigame. The sheer novelty of seeing the companion pets you've worked so hard to collect duke it out is what makes it all worthwhile for me at least, and it'll never get old.

Like I said it is Beta, so it is bugged and not always working correctly. But I the mechanics are all there. The capture animation (the classic box-on-a-stick) is hilarious. Plus the fact that there are trainers scattered around Azeroth makes me feel like I'll eventually be able to take on gym leaders (haven't gotten that far yet, so for all I know...).

I personally can't wait for this to go live.

I'll have more on WoW live and Beta this Wednesday.

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