Monday, October 15, 2012

Clone Wars 5.03: Front Runners

One man's plucky rebel is another man's terrorist.

Spoilers ahead

In part 2 of the Onderon arc, the small rebel force continues to strike inside the capitol city's walls, but struggle to make much of a dent and rally the people to their cause.

Not a whole lot to say on this episode. It's one of the awkward middle children in a story arc. There's some good character work but few noteworthy scenes. All footage of the planet's current ruler presents him as paranoid and out of touch, which works but we've seen this type of character before with little deviation.

The fact is that I had a huge problem with the main plan of this episode, and by problem, I don't mean necessarily "bad story" as much as "Nobody in-universe seems to have thought this through and I wonder where this'll go from here." The major plan to cause heavy damage to the Droids is to take out their power generator. Okay, simple enough. Except that it seems that the Trade Federation has learned its lesson from "Phantom Menace" and gave the Droids their own power cells, albeit ones that need recharging. So the power station the rebels are depriving the droids of is actually a city power generator. So all throughout the episode I'm thinking to myself "Bad idea. This will take out civilian power as well and thus really counterproductive to the whole 'get the people on our side' thing."

Well, if the cheering citizens are any indication, they don't care that they have no power...for now. But it still makes me uneasy. Especially since the rebel force is referred to as "terrorists" more than once. Granted, it's the "bad guys" saying this, but it does the Prequel thing of blurring the lines and making things not so cut and dry.

Episode ends with Dooku introducing next episode's baddie via holo in much the same way Palpy introduced Maul in TPM. And the last line is Steela confirming Saw is her brother as if this was any kind of surprise, so that threw me.

Again, I'll reserve judgement for the end of the arc.

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