Monday, October 22, 2012

Clone Wars 5.04: The Soft War

I wonder how this will resolve itself...

Spoilers Ahead

"King" Rash, still under the paranoid delusion that his predecessor Dendup is behind the "terrorists", marks him for execution. While Dendup is not behind them, he is the power they want to see back in place, so they make a plan to rescue him. Saw tries to jump the gun and gets captured for his troubles, and Ahsoka has to deal with not getting too involved.

This is another awkward middle in an arc, and while it advances the story nicely I can't help but feel disappointed since nothing that was teased at the end of the last episode came to much. Saw and Steela have an argument, but it's short and doesn't speak to any huge divide in the rebel forces. The rebels have no trouble getting the citzens on their side (and the blackout was never even mentioned). The droid general Dooku sends in was a joke; the Magnaguards brought in for the execution get more to do than this guy (well, "guy" is used loosely here).

I get that this is Star Wars, it's a sprawling adventure and while parts can make you think it's not meant to be highly realistic. Except this is the kind of territory that Clone Wars has teased us with before. Again, it's not "bad", it just feels like we were being led down one path only to run into a painting of a road on a canyon wall.

I keep saying I'm going to reserve judgement until the final act (hopefully next week?), and I will. I haven't seen how it turns out yet, and it could be epic when put all together. But right now it seems a bit disjointed

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