Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coming Attractions

Well, we still have power, but my work doesn't so...yay for catch-up time!

So here's what will be posted in the following week:

1. Later today, I'm going to watch The Clone Wars from last Saturday and get that review up.

2. Either today or tomorrow, I'll put up my Anniversary Review of Red Dragon.

3. Tomorrow, I'll post a WoW Wednesday regarding Hallow's End and how it's my favorite of WoW's world events.

4. If weather decides to permit me dressing up, I'll have those pics on Thursday. If not, I'll write a big post complaining about how it's not fair I didn't get to use my super-special borrowed costume (and why)

5. I'll look over my Anniversary list and post any relevant markers on November 1st.

6. By Monday, there'll be another Clone Wars to review. There's also some Skylanders developments worthy of a Monday Mons-Day.

7. By next Wednesday, I should have my full review of Mists of Pandaria ready for another WW.

Wish me luck!

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