Monday, June 10, 2013

JJJ: The Sad Sad Tale of the Hommade Jar Jar Shirt.

A while back, I went shopping for t-shirts. Like most people of my demographic, I'm partial to graphic tees. They're comfy and easy to wear. And stylish.

I don't believe I've ever owned a Star Wars shirt, something that I considered a great oversight that needed to be corrected posthaste.

Unfortunately, everything was Rebellion, or Millennium Falcon, or Boba Fett. Nothing that encompassed the whole saga. I'd have even taken I-III only stuff, since I prefer that time period. Nothing spoke to me.

But then, I knew finding something would be a grim prospect anyway. Well, it was then I decided that if I wanted something done right, I needed to do it myself.

I bought three plain tees on sale, and I found some iron-on transfer paper. I was going to make my own shirts, and they would be awesome.

Problem number 1 came when my wife needed to take all but one sheet of my paper for a work project. So I only had the one shot. But I slogged through. I found this great Warhol-esque image of Jar Jar (of course I would use Jar Jar first) and added my own catchy slogan:

Problem number 2 came when I misjudged how big the Print Preview would be and used my one shot paper on an image that turned out to be too small.

I was upset, but I swore I would make it work. I laid out the shirt and did all the ironing and...only then did I realize that the shirt was slightly tilted.

The image was tilted and off-center.

But, I wore it anyway. I tried to rock it. I didn't get any comments, except from one overworked Wal-Mart cashier who ended up singing Weird Al's "The Saga Begins" with me to my wife's chagrin. But it was uncomfortable. The print was affecting the shirt's breathability. Plus, I had to keep adjusting it to make it look halfway decent.

Then I washed it. The image was pretty much ruined at that point.

So not only did I waste expensive transfer paper, but an expensive and beautiful blue shirt.

Still, I'm not deterred. Some more research, a steadier hand, maybe some assistance, and I will have my awesome I-III t-shirts. Someday...


  1. I have a Star Wars shirt I got when I went to Peru, which is basically a parody of the films. The t-shirt appears with the logo ''Peru Wars'' and shows a Spanish conquistador and an Inca fighting. The best part is that the shadows of the characters end up being Darth Vader (the conquistador shadow) and Yoda (the Inca shadow). It truly goes to show how far the Star Wars phenomenon has gone.

  2. I know there exsist this great I-III Shirt called "Evoultion" which depicts Anakin as a baby, then Jake Llyod, then Hayden's Anakin, and finally Darth Vader. I want pick that shirt up soon.

    1. Mall Kiosks. Be warned,those things don't have online stores where you can buy them, so when they are gone...THEY ARE GONE. (I kid you not)

    2. *insert expletive here*!!!!!!!!!