Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Site in the Blogroll

First off, a few days ago I added the long overdue Lard Biscuit Enterprises to my blogroll. It's a fascinating reads, including some of my favorite essays on I-III ever.

The second new one has to do with a frequent poster here. T. Hartwell is not a fan of I-III. He constantly leaves comments on my Star Wars articles that make me facepalm so hard my nose is bruised. I'm afraid he's going to give me an anyurism one of these days. At the same time, I'm thankful that he keeps me on my toes, giving me a new apprciation of I-III as I battle his claims. He's become something of a worthy opponant to me.

What makes him worthy is that we find common ground on most other things, and we've had good discussions on a number of non-SW-related topics. I just found a blog by him entitled Toybox Memory, which really hits my nostalgia button hard, and I'm hoping it will hit yours too. Check it out.


  1. Aw...thank you. I'm seriously touched and flattered by this mention. :)

    1. Hey, even though you bust my chops, you're a loyal reader of my ramblings. And I really hope you keep up on Toybox, because it really taps into something.

    2. Though, seriously, this is supposed to be a safe place for Saga fans. I don't want to censor anyone, but you can get a little over the top and stereotypical when we debate the Wars. I do have to ask that you at least tone it down a little bit from now on when you comment here.