Friday, June 28, 2013

June Anniversaries

Yeah, last minute ahoy!

10 Years Old This Month

Hulk - I've mentioned Ang Lee's take on Marvel's not-so-jolly green giant before, but to sum up: I was never a fan of the Hulk, but I enjoyed this movie. It's not my favorite, and it is a little clunky, but I appreciate what Ang Lee was going for and gets far more flak than it deserves. It was a different, experimental take that was oddly refreshing. Plus, Nick Nolte at his scenery-chewing best.

20 Years Old This Month

Last Action Hero - Probably one of my favorite Arnold movies, as it messes around with a lot of film and story conventions. Perhaps it doesn't go far enough with it, but it's still a fun little flick.

30 Years Old This Month

The Man with Two Brains - One of my favorite Steve Martin comedies, and one that I desperately need to see again just to catch what I missed.
Trading Places - Classic comedy from Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. Go see it now if you haven't already.
Twilight Zone: The Movie - A decent homage/introduction if for some reason you can't get your hands on this incredible series (how I let it escape my Top 20 TV shows is beyond me...).

40 Years Old This Month

Live and Let Die - Not a Roger Moore fan, and I skipped a few of his Bond films already, but since this one has a theme song by Paul McCartney I had to say something.

50 Years Old This Month

Cleopatra - I've never seen it, but it's the legendary Elizabeth Taylor's claim to fame, so I have to rectify that.
8 1/2 - My stepmother's father (step-grandfather?) gave me this DVD and I promptly lost it before I had a chance to see it. A shame, because I need to see Fellini for myself, being such a revered name and all.

60 Years Old This Month

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms - I've never seen it from beginning to end, but it's worth noting because it's one of the more famous and influential films in terms of both special effects and monster movies. Especially since it involved the late, great Ray Harryhausen.

See you next month!


  1. I really like Roger Moore as James Bond. Live and Let Die is a great one, but my favorite ones from him have to be The Man With the Golden Gun and Octopussy. A View to A Kill is the only one I never really liked though. He was too old by then.

    1. I was raised by a Connory fan, so I never saw him as the character. But to each their own, and I know I'm missing out on good villains.

    2. Christopher Lee was very good as Francisco Scaramanga

    3. Of course he was. Christopher Lee is good in everything, even bad movies. He makes a movie better by his sheer presence, even if the rest of it is crap. He's just that awesome.

    4. yeah, that's why we love Count Dooku

  2. 50 Years Ago This Month: Jason and the Argonauts, also by Ray Harryhausen.

    1. Also...

      I know this topic is a little unrelated and belated but May 29,2013 marked the 100th Anniversary of Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring"-best known among animation fans as being the inspiration for the famous dinosaur segment of Disney's "Fantasia".

    2. Really? That wasn't on the site I use as reference...was it June of 63?

    3. P S. Really? Rite of Spring? You know, I did notice a lot of people playing that piece a few months back...

    4. Yup, Jason and the Argonauts was released June 19, 1963. I found that out on Yahoo and Wikipedia.