Saturday, June 7, 2014

Geekdom Madness: Super Smash Brothers Victor

Well, I am quickly seeing what side my readers' bread is buttered on.

The victor for the ninth round of the preliminaries is:

"Here we go!"

Out of a total of 11 votes, Luigi received 64% of the vote while Mewtwo only received 36%.

It's really interesting to me just how often my own picks are losing in this competition so far. Which is fine, since I specifically wanted my readers' picks. It's actually fun seeing how different things turn out, even if I'm disappointed with my champions falling. Besides, there are only a handful of characters in this competition that aren't amongst my favorites in their respective franchises (why else do you think I entered Luigi as opposed to his brother?). I really hope the voting goes up from here and we're able to maintain this level of excitement by the time the finals roll around.

Anyway, here's the breakdown. Check back tomorrow!

I also love seeing this thing slowly fill up, even if the blog doesn't do it justice

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