Sunday, July 20, 2014

Geekdom Madness: Miscellaneous Right

This week's match-up: The last of the preliminaries featuring the Girl on Fire vs the Boy...of DESTINYYY (and his Tiger)

Let's meet the combatants:


A 16-year-old living in the impoverished District 12 of the dystopian future US known as Panem, Katniss Everdeen becomes a national sensation when she volunteers for the annual Hunger Games in place of her young sister, Primrose. The Games, a televised fight to the death between children of the Districts designed as a punishment for a previous uprising, naturally take their toll on the no-nonsense survivalist - especially the publicity part - and she sort of accidentally starts another revolution.

* An extremely skilled archer and hunter
* Loyal to friends and family
* Dedicated to minimizing casualties and suffering

* Unbelievably standoffish and untrusting
* Has trouble reading between the lines
* Lacks subtlety


A 6-year-old boy and his tiger, whom he caught in a snare rigged with a tuna fish sandwich. They routinely go on a number of fascinating adventures, though Calvin has a difficult time getting anyone to actually believe him, and Hobbes can't help because everyone else sees him as a plush toy.

* Calvin is extremely imaginative
* Hobbes is always willing to offer a friendly ear
* They're both very eco-conscious and anti-cruelty in general

* Calvin can be extremely selfish and greedy, even for a 6-year-old
* Hobbes can be kind of a troll sometimes
* They both have little use for authority

Final Thoughts
It may seem unfair to pit two against one, but Katniss has survived much worse odds time and time again. Then again, if the game is Calvinball, all bets are off.

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  1. Oh Calvin and Hobbes....I remember being 12 years old at my orthodontist and first reading the comics. The doctors would hear me laughing uncontrollably in the waiting room and even offered to photocopy my favorite strips (which for me was impossible, considering how I had too many). My newfound love for C&H prompted my mom to buy me "Homocidal Psycho Jungle Cat" from our school's book fair and the rest is history. I don't check out the books from the library as much in fear that I've already read them (though I should get back in the habit....), Love the comics where he and Susie Derkins are drawn realistically and they have juvenile arguments. XP

    Have you checked out Calvin and Hobbes: The Series? No, it's not actually an animated series but it's a huge fanfiction. See here:

  2. Calvin and Hobbes.

    Like, no contest. It could be literally anything against it and it'd be Calvin and Hobbes.

    It's just one of those works of art that almost defines a part of who I am and where I want to be and continually gives me something to strive for. Everything about it is just perfect- the way in which its layered in levels of depth for both children and adults, the way it grew so much over the course of its run, the absolutely astounding art (*especially* by the end), the artistic integrity of Watterson...It's just a perfect thing on every conceivable level. I can't imagine a single thing wrong with it.

    1. You know, I feel much the same way, and those of a certain generation probably will too. They might just be the sleeper hit of this competition.