Sunday, June 5, 2016

Geekdom Madness 2016 - Quarter-Final: Unreadable/Hear Me Roar

This week we round out our Elite Four for this year, so let's get started!

Welcome back:

MATCH 1: Unreadable


I picked Mewtwo for this competition because Mewtwo has always been my favorite Pokémon. When I first got into the franchise, I found a poster listing the full 150 that existed at the time, and my eye was immediately drawn to Mewtwo's design and his name. When I got my hands on the Red version, my first thought was catching one. Unfortunately, I needed to play through the entire game while saving a master ball, but when I finally got one - man, it WRECKED everything in its path! Well worth the wait.

Since I started getting into nicknaming Pokémon, I have named Mewtwos of various games Saruman, Darkness, Jigglypuff, and Sylar.


I picked Captain Jack Sparrow for this competition because I have always loved the Pirates of the Caribbean films and most of what I have loved about them is down to Captain Jack. Johnny Depp was already one of my favorite performers before I saw him take on what I feel is one of his signature roles, and this only made me love him more.

Captain Jack is a timeless character, something that's depressingly rare nowadays. As much as many may worry about Sequelitis for the franchise, I feel that seeing the continuing adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow every so often would e a fun experience as long as they've got a good story for him.


MATCH 2: Hear Me Roar


I picked Maleficent for this competition because she's widely regarded as both a strong female character and one of the greatest Disney Animated Canon villains. Finally sitting down to watch Sleeping Beauty as an adult recently, I certainly see the appeal and why she's often seen leading villains in crossovers.

While the recent live-action movie was entertaining as a film, I felt it completely missed the point because if there was one villain that DIDN'T need a Freudian excuse, it was Maleficent. Some villains are tragic figures, but Maleficent was interesting and memorable BECAUSE of her pure pettiness and hatefulness.


I picked Rose Tyler for this competition because I wanted to bring in another Doctor Who character and at the time (GM15) I was also looking for more female characters. Rose fit both criteria, as she was not only my first Doctor's Companion, but remains arguably my favorite (only one other so far can dispute that title).

Even seeing both Doctors and Companions that have come before and since, Rose with 9 is still my main memory of Doctor Who, and what I fell in love with.


Final Verdict
This one is tough. While Captain Jack and Maleficent are more well-known with general audiences, all four have their die-hard fans (and detractors). As always, it's up to you guys.

As always, make sure you're viewing the WEB version of the site and vote in the polls (remember, there are two now) on the right-hand side of the screen. Polls close Friday at 5:00 p.m., and results posted on Saturday. Feel free to discuss your picks in the comments below.

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