Saturday, June 25, 2016

Geekdom Madness 2016: Tournament of Losers Victor!

We are ready to announce the Victor for Geekdom Madness 2016: The Tournament of Losers. As usual, unlike the other Victor postings which are right on the front page, I'm going to add a page break because SUSPENSE!

When the poll closed last night at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the results were as follows:

Vote Count: 8 Votes
Captain Jack Sparrow: 62% (5)
Maleficent: 38% (3)

Same total vote turnout as last year, but the totals were different. Still, the winner is clear.

The Victor of Geekdom Madness 2016 is...

Captain Jack Sparrow
"You will always remember this as the day you almost caught...Captain Jack Sparrow!"

Congratulations, Captain Jack Sparrow! You've won our third annual Geekdom Madness tournament and the first Tournament of Losers! After getting trounced in the 2014 preliminaries, you shot back with a vengeance - out of 32 formerly disgraced candidates you've come out on top and defeated some of the most formidable competitors in the game! You've really fetched that horizon, savvy?

I want to thank everyone who voted in this tournament. I hope you had as much fun participating as I had administrating.

Plans for the future: New brackets for 2017-2018, another Tournament of Losers in 2019, and a Tournament of Champions in 2020. Mark your calendars, and nominate future competitors below!

Here's the final breakdown. See you next year!

"Devils and black sheep...really BAD eggs...drink up me 'hearties, Yo Ho!"


  1. You had been regularly reviewing movies besides Star Wars - will you be doing that again until the next tournament?

    1. I do have 5 movies to review plus more Star Wars articles that are like half-started, and I have time set aside to finish them this very week.

      Stay Tuned!!!