Friday, March 24, 2017

This Is Technically A Non-GM Post This Week So I've Kept My Promise, Right?

Playstyles will be juuuuust a few days late because the time I had set aside to write it got eaten up by an unexpected scouring of our apartment.

I wonder if I should mention time management has never been a strongsuit of mine?

Regardless, I know longtime readers have absolutely no reason to trust me on this, but I SWEAR by all that can be considered holy to any and everyone that this is NOT indicative of yet another long lapse in posts. I'm done with that, that part of my life is over.

So after Playstyles wraps up whenever it does, I actually wanted to give a few belated words on Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts which I saw both last fall, LEGO Batman which I saw a few weeks ago, and the Beauty and the Beast remake which I am seeing this weekend as part of my gift to my wife on our 5-year (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) Wedding anniversary. In addition, I really did want to finish that Undertale series I did like one shot of last year, do some Nilbog Watches posts regarding a number of shows I've watched in the last year (speaking of, I really need to get back on Classic Who - I only just started Four last time), and - yes - celebrate the 40th anniversary of New Hope in May like any self-respecting Star Wars fan (and any non-self-respecting one too, I'm sure).

Of course, I am always open to subject suggestions from my readers and in fact am usually better at responding to prompts than coming up with something wholesale. So while this is not a formal "Ask Nilbog" post like we've done before, I would be honored and obliged if anyone has a question/topic they'd like my personal perspective on that I can address at a later date.

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